Decorating a Long Living Room

Living room help?

Dear Style Studio team,

I have recently repainted our living room BM Edgecomb Gray and furnished room with gray and black sofa and chairs (and new tables).

I need help with accent pieces (rug, lamps, windows, etc) as well as what to do with rest of the space as the room is long and somewhat narrow.


P.S. – The fireplace isn’t fully painted yet. Any ideas to bring in color and use/decorate the spec would be great.

Hi Christine,

What a wonderful job you have done creating a sophisticated canvas for finishing touches. We think the style you have accomplished is stunning.

When you face the fireplace, we will start with the right wall. We suggest moving the bookcase to the opposite wall in the room and finding another home for the demilune table.  Next, on each side of the window place one each of the Season Prints and then anchor the canvas art to the floor by placing a simple, dark wooden bench at the base of each piece.  You could play with injecting color depending on which Season Print you selected.

Next wrap the window in natural color linen drapery with a very simple black iron drapery rod.  To keep the room consistent, put the same panels and hardware on all three windows. We recommend hanging the drapery rod halfway between the top of the double window and the bottom of your crown molding.  Once you have that measurement, hang drapery for the other two single windows at the same height.  This will give the optical illusion that all your windows are the same height.

There is a fun opportunity with your rug selection but two good possibilities are the Thema Rug or the Celine Cheetah Rug for an unexpected pop.  We also suggest placing a D’or Starburst Mirror or the Orion Mirror over the mantel and then play up your mantel with accessories:  all shapes, sizes and color variations of solid color pottery and urns.

You could add in Suzanne Kasler French Bisque Lamp Slips to provide an added dimension.  This is another area to bring in color that is repeated from the Season Prints.


Next, we recommend adding Ballard Boudoir Pillow (12×18) to your leather chairs. Order these pillows in Zebra Woven Natural and then order additional pillows for the sofa in stunning Queens Velvet Teal, Queens Velvet Yellow and Queens Velvet Indigo.
pillow swatches

Because pillows can change with the season or your whim … just have fun with them.  Finish off the sofa by adding Family Tree Giclee.  We recommend flanking this piece of art with Antique Mirror Sconces.  Don’t forget about accessorizing your coffee table.  We suggest Textured Horn Boxes, two Horns on Stands and stacks of beautiful books that inspire you!

You can never have too much lighting in a room so we would recommend two table lamps flanking the sofa and one floor lamp behind the chair to the left of the fireplace.  For the table lamps, we suggest using Malia Seeded Glass Lamp in Blue and the Union Floor Lamp for the chair.

Now to the wall to where you moved you existing bookcase.  Have loads of inspirational fun adding beautiful books and accessories to your bookshelf and then finish the area off by placing the two Leather Poufs to create a small reading nook.  Add a pendant light in this area so you will have sufficient lighting by which you can read.

We truly believe you will have a room that will be stunning.  Because your room has a sophisticated feel to it, we recommend adding color in small portions throughout the room.  Just keep in mind as you add color, focus on a specific color and then go a couple shades above or below to provide the sophisticated palette your room demands.

When you’re finished, don’t forget to send us picture of your room.  We love to see inspired rooms from our customers.

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team

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