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We really are having a hard time deciding on the Coventry Seating options listed in your latest catalogue on page 72. We love what is in the photo but wonder if the Small Black Check is too stark for our home. At this time we have white furniture in our adjacent dining area and neutral taupes in the main living area. Please have a look at the photos of our kitchen space.

First, do we need longer benches for the space? If so, will that work with the 42″ diameter table. Secondly, we want to stick with the Group B fabrics and like the Toffee Check or the Chocolate Check because we worry that the black will be too much. What do you think? Our walls are currently a green (we are happy to paint if needed), the cabinets are a honey color, and the granite is a black tone. If we go with Chocolate Check on the benches, will a black table and chairs work? We also want two counter height stools for the bar you see at the island. If we go with the Toffee Check, then it seems that Rubbed White is our only option for the Sidney Dining Table (we do not like the Hickory Brown look) and there are no white Le Mans Chairs. We also have so much white in the dining room.

Coventry SeatingWe really like the Le Mans Chairs and Counter Stools in Aged Moss or Cream, but wonder about putting these with a white table. You have no options for a cream pedestal table. So…Toffee Check, Chocolate Check, or Small Black Check fabric in our green, black, and honey colored kitchen!! Help! We want to order it soon so that we could possibly have it for Christmas.

Any help is much appreciated.


Dear Audra,

What a great kitchen and breakfast room you have! Your initial idea of the Coventry Seating in the Small Black Check will look spectacular. Because the check is black with cream, it has a very warm look and is not stark by any means. We believe that you could go to the 48” benches if you choose. The 42” round Sidney Dining Table in Rubbed Black will fit nicely with either dimension.

We love the green of the walls and do not think changing the color is necessary. We use the black, cream and green combination quite often. The Small Black Check will help to pull the colors through from the kitchen and the addition of the Rubbed Black Le Mans Chairs and Aged Moss Le Mans Counter Stools will really make an inviting vignette. You could add some green Throw Pillows to the Coventry Benches for a finishing touch.

Please send us some pictures of your completed breakfast room, as we would love to place them on Style Studio!

The Style Studio Team

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Posted 11/19/09

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