Daytime Set Makeover

Daytime Set MakeoverThe Daytime Show, which airs across the southeastern United States, has a new look. Designer Kay Newsom, president of Bella Southern Interiors, Inc. headed the project. The concept for the show is simple – making people feel that they are having a cup of coffee at a friend’s house discussing the events of the day, as well as home improvement, decorating, food preparation and other issues dealing with day to day living. Bella Southern makes it a priority to stay current with the upcoming design trends and colors. With this in mind, Kay and her team coordinated an overall plan to make the Daytime set look exciting and new while maintaining the show’s visual appeal.

We asked Kay for her thoughts on teaming up with Ballard. Here is what she had to say:

Daytime Set Makeover“From the onset of my relationship with Ballard when it was decided I would design the Daytime Set and they would supply the product, all those involved in the project have been a joy to work with. No matter my request, the response was prompt and gracious. Having access to fabulous product choices, great color and fabric options, art, and accessories, (the works really!) to complete my design certainly made my work so much easier. The upholstered pieces arrived in record time. Shipping was efficient and the quality of protective packaging to make sure the pieces arrived safely were way beyond average. Ballard is an amazing company and I would not hesitate to specify their products again in any project. We have received so many comments about how great the new set looks, not the least of which came from Mark Dvornik of Riverbank Studios. He e-mailed me this morning and stated, ‘We are excited about the new set. You did a magnificent job designing and putting it all together.’ Good design with excellent product is a great collaboration any day of the week!”

We, at Ballard work very diligently to provide not only the best products but the best service to our customers, so thank you, Kay for the wonderful comments.

The concept of a comfortable environment made Ballard Designs a great fit for Daytime’s “new image”. We are all about making an environment warm and friendly. The set is divided into different areas which all have to work cohesively. The color red was chosen as an anchor color making the sets “pop” with personality. The Addison Chairs in fade resistant outdoor red fabric lead the way. We love the choice of our Chianni Dining Table with the Anne Side Chairs. It truly feels that you are sitting at a friend’s dining table.

The Berkshire Bar Stools coupled with our Tavern Bar Table provide an intimate setting, great for an in depth interview with the current newsmakers of the day. The repetition of the Savannah Rug with its red floral border and leopard ground really makes everything work in unison providing texture and contrast.

All in all, we think the new set of Daytime is fresh and current with a hint of sophistication. Just what Ballard is all about!


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    grey import insurance

    September 23, 2010

    This is the GREATEST page I have read this year!!!

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    May 6, 2010

    great post as usual!

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    Wendie Finnan

    December 24, 2009

    The new set looks fantastic – elegant and up to date – Regis and Kelly need Kay and Ballard!

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    Wendie Finnan

    December 24, 2009

    I have an open great room/kithcn/dining room and one wall is about a story and a half… it looks so big and blank (I have the tv on a console and a corner table) but I have no idea what kind of artwork or other decor I could put on this giant wall so that it doesn’t have this big blank look.