Furnishing my First Home

Furnishing my First HomeQuestion:

Dear Ballard,

I love your catalog and look forward to getting new ones in the mail! I need your help! I moved into my home 3 years ago (it’s our first home) and we have gradually been furnishing it. But, I have come upon a major bump in the road…a large wall!!!

I have a large family room that is the center of my house – I would like it to be stylish yet comfortable and toddler friendly. I have no idea what to do with one of the walls in this room. Its long with high ceilings. The other side of the room has a beautiful bookcase (which I got from you guys). Family and friends have suggested I do a lot of pictures, but I would like to explore other options without breaking the bank!

I have attached 2 pictures – one of the full room and one of “the wall”. Suggestions are much appreciated!



Dear Robyn

Furnishing a new home is truly a labor of love. We’re so happy that you’re taking your time and choosing what works best for you and your young family. You really need to live in a house for awhile to find out what works for your lifestyle.

Large walls can create decorating nightmares. Not to worry, there is a solution. We love that your furniture is not hugging the walls, so we know you are not afraid to think outside the box. Our solution for your room will probably be a process over a period of time. We chose the Avondale Sideboard in Distressed Off-White for the anchor piece centered on the wall. It will provide additional storage space and help balance the room. Our Chartres Buffet Lamps will not only provide light, but will visually heighten the space. Above the Avondale, the Sea of Poppies Giclee Print will add that extra “pop” of color.

Place the existing round end table on the other side of the club chair and add a Cote d’Ivoire Floor Lamp behind it tocreate a reading corner fit for a toddler’s favorite storybook. Have you considered adding drapes to the windows? They would give the room a cozier feel and again help add volume to the room. Our suggestion is the Sage Checked Panel with Valance. We think the room can handle the addition of a checked pattern, but you can also opt for the Sage Linen Essential Panel. We love the print above the fireplace, but it feels a bit out of place with its blue hues. The Large Italian Garden plaque has all the colors of your room on a black background, which will draw the eye to the fireplace and create a central focal point.

We hope our suggestions have given you some sense of how to solve your Design Dilemma. Please send us a few photos of the finished room. We would love to post them on Style Studio.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 10/6/09

Furnishing my First Home

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