Final Touches to Complete the Look

Breakfast RoomQuestion:

Hi, I recently moved and have ordered several items from your catalog. Two light fixtures and shades, a rug, drapes and a round table with table cloth and glass top. Here’s how things look so far. I would love any suggestions you might have.

Susan Nybell


Dear Susan,

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. We just love your sense of style. You did, however, ask for some additional suggestions on completing your look – although we think you’re doing just fabulous on your own!

The breakfast room has a welcoming feeling and you could continue it by adding some valances to the tops of the windows. Our Small Black Check or Sage Check Fabric would be a great addition. There is a lot going on in the lower half of the room, which makes the top half look a little sparse. The addition of some fabric would help to balance the room.

The living room is so warm and inviting. We love the colors and style. Simplicity seems to be the theme in this room and you’ve made some wise choices. It is not overdone and the beauty of the exterior is part of the design, which we love. Our only recommendation would be the addition of side panels on the French door/window wall to match the Toffee Check you have on the other windows. We think it will help balance the room.

Living Room

Now your dining room needs only a few added items to punch up the color a bit. Although the hutch is for storing dishes, you can add style to it by storing a lot of the white dishes below, leaving only a few selected pieces on display. Show the fluted bowl and tureen, then add some colorful platters and/or dishes in gold or terra cotta/red tones. A few Red Potted Amaryllis placed in a row down the center of the dining room table would also add some color.

Dining RoomWe do hope that our suggestions have helped. You certainly don’t need much to complete your look. Don’t be afraid to add pops of color here and there, it adds to the personality of a room. Again, thank you for sharing your beautiful home with our Style Studio readers.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 10/6/09

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