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    Know your Louis Furniture

    Each king cultivated a signature style of furnishings and decorative arts reflecting the ever-changing tastes and politics that defined his time.

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    Christmas mantels you can do!

    Every Christmas, one of the main focal points in the home is the fireplace mantel. It’s the perfect place to decorate for the holidays.


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    Simple but Elegant Holiday Tables

    With the holidays approaching, all the planning, shopping and cooking becomes an overwhelming task. We have taken a simple approach to setting the table…

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    Fall Organizing

    Fall marks the return of rushed mornings, early dinners, school projects and a full calendar. Pick up the pace effortlessly and make your life…

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    The Art of Building a Room

    The Art of Building a Room

    You don’t have to be a professional designer to create a beautifully decorated room. A few key decisions at…

    Origins of Crewel

    In and out of style for centuries, crewel is back in favor with our favorite designers—and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The sophisticated embroidered…

    About Suzanne Kasler

    Suzanne Kasler is inspired. As the principal of Atlanta-based Suzanne Kasler Interiors, she often asserts that “a room should be collected, not decorated.” Incorporating…