Perfect Palettes for Outdoor Décor

Island Paradise

perfect palette for outdoor

Looking for the feel of Nantucket in the summer?  Than this color combination is for you.  The vibrant blue so often seen on the island, coupled with the fresh look of the rust adds up to an island delight.

  1. Soledad Rust EasyCare FBTY
  2. Cisco Blue EasyCare FBTY
  3. Nantucket Stripe in blue Sunbrella® FBTY
  4. Canvas Azure Sunbrella® FBTY
  5. Suzanne Kasler Wide Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug


Going Green

Perfect Palettes for Outdoor Décor
We love this season’s fresh infusion of nature’s colors. Delightful shades of green are mixed with neutrals for added warmth. Throw in a pretty print for contrast, and you have an of-the-moment palette you’ll love all summer long.

  1. Soledad Green EasyCare FBTY
  2. Arden Chocolate EasyCare FBTY
  3. Solid Green Sunbrella® FBTY
  4. Catana Floral Chocolate FBTY
  5. Marina Indoor/Outdoor Rug


Spa Inspired
Spa Inspired

If you want to create a relaxed vibe, choose the naturally soothing palette of soft teal, blue-gray and taupe for instant serenity in any outdoor space. We love the pairing of textures and stripes.

  1. Spa Blue Sunbrella® FBTY
  2. Arden Blue EasyCare FBTY
  3. Seneca Stripe Sunbrella® FBTY
  4. Canopy Stripe Taupe & Sand Sunbrella® FBTY
  5. Basketweave Oatmeal FBTY
  6. Solid Sand Sunbrella® FBTY
  7. LePoeme Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Spa


Cool Breezes

Perfect Palettes for Outdoor Décor

The intensity of the blues adds welcome crispness and depth to your porch or patio. Pair it with a neutral rug for balance and add in a feisty red for a pop of color, which can be easily achieved with decorative accents.

  1. Nantucket Stripe in blue Sunbrella® FBTY
  2. Cisco Blue EasyCare FBTY
  3. Canvas Blue Sunbrella® FBTY
  4. Solid Red Sunbrella® FBTY
  5. St. Tropez Indoor/Outdoor Rug with Azure Border


Perfectly Neutral

Perfect Palettes for Outdoor Décor

The warm neutral tones of cream, tan, gray and brown are universally pleasing and work in absolutely any setting. Choose a great pattern to dress up your neutral hues and add interest. This versatile palette also makes it easy to change up your look.

  1. Marazin Taupe Sunbrella® FBTY
  2. Canvas Taupe Sunbrella® FBTY
  3. Basketweave Oatmeal EasyCare FBTY
  4. Solid Sand Sunbrella® FBTY
  5. Brass Sunbrella® FBTY
  6. Ravello Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Chocolate


Classic Combo


You can never, ever go wrong with black and white. And when you limit your hues, you can have fun mixing in extra prints. A touch of caramel and beige warm up the pairing.

  1. Canopy Stripe Black & Sand Sunbrella® FBTY
  2. Sinclair Damask Black EasyCare FBTY
  3. Arden Black EasyCare FBTY
  4. Solid Sand Sunbrella® FBTY
  5. SK Quatrefoil Border Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Black

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  1. Reply

    Sharon Barger

    January 16, 2014

    My patio set is from Martha Stewart’s collection. We purchased it about six years ago. Still in very good condition. It is a light distressed look green. The pillows that where with it are olive green on one side ; and green and white stripe on the other side. What other colors can I use with it; to make it look more to up to date with the latest colors that are out today.. You all carry such pretty colors.. Can you help me?? Oh, my house is gray. I sure would appreciate any of your options …

  2. Reply


    October 23, 2013

    help please. i love the colors in the spa inspired fabric selection. i was planning to use the seneca fabric as a cornice and the rug you show in a family room that runs into my kitchen. my kitchen (small galley) backsplash is painted in a lavender color with light gray cabinets. will this color palette clash with the grays & greens that i’ve tried using as accent colors?

  3. Reply

    Liz Calders

    October 7, 2013

    I like the blue/rust combo for my porch but the Suzanne Kasler rug is out of my budget…is there another one you recommend to go with those fabrics?

  4. Reply


    July 14, 2013

    I have off white chaise lounge cushions and am looking to buy pillows and umbrellas to add color. I love the Aruba turquoise and delay azure fabrics for pillows! What umbrella fabric would you suggest? I’m thinking Nantucket stripe blue but am wondering if that would be too busy…?

    • Reply


      July 17, 2013

      Kay: An umbrella in Blue Nantucket Stripe is a fantastic choice! Consider the white background of the Blue Nantucket Stripe next to your off-white cushions … it could make your cushions appear dingy. Another fabulous alternative is an umbrella in Azure … you could still have lots of fun with color and pattern in your pillows!! Style Studio Team

  5. Reply


    May 3, 2013

    I love it!!!!!

  6. Reply


    March 26, 2013

    Hi! I love the “going green” palette, but I have a question about the “catana floral chocolate”. I think your diagram shows ” catana floral lavender” which, unfortunately for me, is a discontinued fabric. They are both nice but I do like purple! I there any chance the lavender is coming back or is still available? Thanks for confirming style team!

    • Reply


      March 28, 2013

      We are so sorry, but the Catana Floral in Lavender is no longer available.
      The Style Studio Team

  7. Reply

    christina schuetz

    March 26, 2013

    I love the Seneca Stripe Sunbrella pattern and want to purchase it in the 8×10 outdoor/indoor rug..what other fabrics would you recommend to bring out more of the green in the fabric?

  8. Reply


    August 4, 2012

    What happened to the heather purple sunbrella fabric?

  9. Reply

    Denise Collins

    July 25, 2012

    I have a “Royal Teak” patio set with the manufacturer calling the cushion fabric Sunbrella “bronze”; however, I’m thinking it must be the “brass” Sunbrella fabric. What color scheme of throw pillows do you recommend? Thanks!

  10. Reply

    yard globes

    July 4, 2012

    I love your color combinations. I know what I like when I see it but I don’t always know how to get there. I usually copy what someone shows me. Thanks for all the ideas!

  11. Reply

    Melissa Duncan

    June 18, 2012

    I am planning to purchase the black and sand striped cushions for my chaise lounges. Would the same fabric on an umbrella be too much? Should I go with solid black? I am concerned about solid black fading.


    • Reply

      Ballard Designs

      June 19, 2012

      We think the Canopy Stripe Fabric or the Arden Black are great choices for your umbrella.
      The Style Studio Team

    • Reply

      Jeanne DeSalvo

      January 20, 2014

      I am planning on making window treatments with Arden Blue for my valance but can not decide if I should go with Seneca Stripe or Solid Sand for the window covering. Would the 2 different kinds of fabric (one Sunbrella and one not ) work well together? Also, this would be for a boat-do you think it would be necessary to line the fabric? The window coverings would be grommet style curtains. Thanks for your input.