Best Banquette Seating Ideas: How to Fit More Function into Small Spaces

This post about banquette seating was updated August of 2023

Banquette Corner Seat in KitchenWhen it comes to decorating, certain challenges come up again and again, like needing to squeeze more function out of a small space. Banquette seating ideas are a versatile solution for many problems which is why we love using them in every shape and color. Read on to learn how to use a banquette bench in your home, as well as why they’re such a functional item.

Banquette seating idea tucked into a bay window of kitchen

Banquette seating ideas are perfect for family homes because they function in so many ways and fit so many spaces

Why Banquette Seating is a Good Idea

  1. Compact Footprint — Because a banquette bench can be pushed right up against a wall, less floor space is needed for a seating area.
  2. Great Vehicle for Fabric and Color — Color and pattern brighten any space. Use a vibrant pattern on your banquette seating to add personality and camouflage stains and spills.
  3. Comfortable  — If you’re the person who always asks for the booth at a restaurant, you’ll love having a soft, cozy banquette in your own home.
  4. Customizable — To make the most of the square footage you have, design your own banquette arrangement based on your measurements.

Proportion and Scale

In every design project, it’s important to pay attention to measurements and scale. Banquette seating ideas work well in small spaces, because they require less depth than a traditional table and chairs. For a table and chair, you need about 36″ behind a chair to allow clearance for pulling out the chair and walking around the table. With a banquette bench, the bench doesn’t need to be pulled out, so it can be tucked right up against a wall. Plus, most banquettes are about 26″ deep.

Banquette seating in a corner of kitchen

Take advantage of a tight corner with a banquette bench and round table.

Corner Banquette Seating

Another advantage of banquette seating is that it can be fit into a corner, making use of otherwise empty space. Unlike traditional dining room or kitchen table seating, tucking a banquette against the corner of a wall leaves more space open in your kitchen or eating area.

Custom Banquette Seating Designs

Because banquettes are usually modular, you can build your own custom solution that works best for your spaces’ footprint and function. Do a single straight bench, wrap a corner, or form a U-shaped booth. The possibilities are endless, and it’s easy to create exactly the right layout for your home.

  • Customize the size and layout to fit your space
  • Choose one of our endless fabrics to bring in color and pattern
  • Customize the kick pleat or contrast welt for a designer touch
  • Opt for storage underneath

Cozy and Comfortable Banquette Seating Ideas

Like a booth at your favorite restaurant, an upholstered banquette is more plush than a wooden or metal chair, so it’s much more comfortable. The higher back and corner arrangement gives your dining space a cozier feel, great for leisurely family breakfasts or even as a homework spot or work from home space.

U-shaped dining banquette tucked into window

There are lots of comfortable options, fully upholstered, built-in benches, and even woven options.

Banquettes in an Eat-In Kitchen

Breakfast areas are often the unsung heros of the family home. It’s where homework, craft time, snack time, meals, bill paying, and even the occasional zoom call take place. They’re busy spaces, but they need to be comfortable and easy to clean because they’re hardworking spots. We love to use an easy-to-clean performance fabric on our banquettes so you don’t have to worry.

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Dining bench in eat-in kitchen shows easy banquette seating ideas

Dining benches are a great option for bay windows because they make use of this often awkward space. Here, we’ve used a rounded dining bench, a circular dining table and two dining chairs.

Store More with Banquette Seating

If you’re short on storage, consider a banquette bench with storage underneath the seat, like our Breton and Coventry options. Use a single storage bench by the back door to stow away shoes, school bags, or sports equipment. Or tuck extra cookware or tabletop items under the bench in an eat-in kitchen.

Banquette seating ideas with storage underneath

Lift the seat on our Breton Banquette and store items below so no space is wasted

Designer Favorites

There’s a reason interior designers love using banquettes in their clients’ spaces. They bring function to tight spaces and pack personality, color, and uniqueness into a room.

Designers aren’t shy about bringing color and pattern into a kitchen, like these two small but chic eat-in kitchen spaces.

Whether you’re looking to create a casual dining space or interested in clever ways to add more seating to a living room or entry, a banquette bench or seating corner may be the perfect solution. Browse all of our banquette bench options online.

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