Podcast, Ep. 250: Landscape Design with Carmen Johnston

Carmen Johnston of Carmen Johnston Gardens

Garden and Outdoor Living Designer, Carmen Johnston

We are so excited to welcome Georgian native, Carmen Johnston of Carmen Johnston Gardens. If you’re on TikTok, you’ve likely seen Carmen’s helpful tips & tricks for gardening. She is known for her attention to aesthetics and the creation of stunning outdoor spaces, while taking function and lifestyle into consideration. Coming soon in 2022, Carmen will continue her role for HGTV as their Outdoor Living Designer & On-Camera Expert. We chat about landscape design, include some questions from listeners (and ourselves!), and hear SO many tips and tricks about all things garden. You’ll definitely want to take some notes and get planting after this episode!

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • How to use Ballard’s faux boxwood planter fillers in a brand new way.
  • What does it mean to “top dress” your planters?
  • How to know which size boxwood to use.
  • Why Angelina Sedum is the most universal plant for outdoor design.
  • Where should you place your boxwoods?
  • Tips for which plants to use to last through the heat and how often to water them.
  • Which flowers should be deadheaded?
  • Is there a difference between deadheading and pruning?
  • Why it’s important to figure out what Zone you live in to determine your maintenance times.
  • When is it best to plant perennials?
  • Tips and common mistakes for container gardens.
  • Tips for indoor plants & containers.
  • Where can you find good moss?
  • Which plants and flowers are good for Snip and Clip gardens?
  • Which plants are good for a shade garden?
  • How to have your garden “cocktail ready”!
  • What to plant to keep bugs and mosquitos away.
  • What are the best resources for gardening tips?
  • A series of listener garden questions like which Magnolia tree to plant, when to plant wisteria and jasmine, and how to grow plants on a house.
  • Who is Carmen’s favorite landscape architect?
  • Why you need to create layers, anchors, and leave breathing room in front of the house.
  • How can you disguise a compost bin?
  • Tips for landscaping with high-energy dogs.
  • Tips for lawns that get shade in the morning but blasted with sun in the afternoon.
  • All about the rules for roots.
  • Pine straw or mulch?
  • Why coming up with a landscape plan is so important.

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Happy Decorating!

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