Podcast, Ep. 244: Furniture Buying Tips

Furniture Buying Tips How to Decorate Podcast

Today is all about, you guessed it, furniture shopping! We have scoured your questions, consulted with our SVP of Merchandising and Design Skye Kirby Westcott, and used our collective knowledge and personal experiences to bring you today’s episode! We’re sharing our best tips on what to know before you buy furniture, how to not regret your purchases, what to splurge on, and so much more. Plus, we bring back the “highly divisive” Trials & Triumphs!

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Trials & Triumphs with welcoming a new baby, redesigning a home office with our Hutton Collection, organizing and storage, a housewarming party, house building updates, doorknob dilemmas, tile adventures, and more.
  • The piece we got the most questions about – all about choosing a sofa!
  • Breaking down the differences in fabric and why you should splurge.
  • Why you should consider additional seating.
  • How to navigate long lead times.
  • Why you need to measure, measure, MEASURE!
  • How to evaluate your family’s needs when choosing a dining room table and chairs.
  • Why you should always talk to the store and showroom sales associates.
  • How to select furniture that makes a space feel collected but not like a showroom.
  • Do all of the woods in a room need to match?
  • What items to splurge on.
  • How to set up a budget and develop a plan.
  • How to stay focused for a room design with an inspiration piece.
  • A tip to “sample” a rug before purchasing a large one.
  • What to do when you love a piece but don’t have room for it.
  • How to know if a piece will look and fit right in your home before purchasing.
  • How to take your color palette everywhere with you.
  • What furniture regrets we have.
  • What our favorite furniture pieces are.
  • What we know now about furniture after working for Ballard Designs.

Mentioned in This Episode:

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Happy Decorating!

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Abbey Nolte

Abbey is a homegrown Georgia peach who loves a fresh take on Southern design. When she’s not working behind the scenes of the How to Decorate blog and podcast, you can find her cheering on the Appalachian State Mountaineers and spending time with her wheaten terrier, Charlie.