How to Mix and Match Outdoor Furniture

This post about How to Mix and Match Outdoor Furniture was updated in February 2024.

If you’re looking to revamp your outdoor space this season, start by mixing and matching outdoor furniture. Designers like Suzanne Kasler, Bunny Williams and Miles Redd all prefer to mix and match outdoor furniture pieces on a porch or patio to create the same layered look they design for their indoor spaces.

We’re showing you how you can put this strategy to the test by blending elements from different outdoor collections in the same open-air space.

Mixed Outdoor Furniture

1. Pick Three Finishes

When picking pieces for your outdoor porch furniture, start by mixing three different types of finishes. For the outdoor space above, we chose to mix in woven, teak, and stone finishes.

The woven furniture, decorative stone spheres, and teak table legs gives the entire space a cohesive and mixed look, while the painted brick of the back wall help break everything up and keep the space from feeling too matchy.

Mixed Outdoor Furniture Accessories

2. Mix in Accessories

If you already have a matching outdoor set but still want to add more to the existing space, you can never have too many outdoor accessories.

In the space above, we blended pieces of our Amalfi Outdoor Collection with a variety of outdoor throw pillows and tabletop accessories; Since so many outdoor porch furniture pieces tend to be woven, metal, or wood, mixing in contrasting materials like concrete or polished glass is a great way to break up a stagnant outdoor space.

We also brought in different outdoor decor like the outdoor , LED lanterns, and various planters.

Mixed Outdoor Furniture Seating

3. Seating Switch

Rather than a matching dining set, outdoor dining areas provide a great opportunity to mix and match seating options in unique ways.

In the space above, we mixed our Madison Lounge Chairs with a Tybee Teak Bench to help open up the dining space and add functional variety. Mixing outdoor seating is also an opportunity to blend different materials and finishes that couldn’t work together indoors.

Mixed Outdoor and Indoor Furniture

4. Bring Indoor Softness Outdoors

In addition to adding a variety of soft finishes and extra warmth, it’s never been easier to bring the comforts of indoor furniture into your outdoor spaces.

Our Santa Clara furniture set, showcased in the image above, demonstrates how a comfy indoor sofa with performance fabric upholstery blends beautifully with typically outdoor textures like teak tables and concrete finishes; You can also add more softness by bringing drapery panels and area rugs into your outdoor spaces.

Mixed outdoor furniture

5. Finishing Touches

Don’t forget the final flourishes: they’re just as important outdoors as they are inside your home.

In the space above, we layered a beautiful potted floral, lanterns, and floral throw pillows into the mix to help round out the matte black metal furniture.

Mix and match outdoor porch furniture on your patio

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    April 3, 2024

    I have a dark grey wicker with light grey cushions in a pergola and a dark grey firepit. My carpet has white black and charcoal grey in it. I want the space to feel warm and inviting. What colour table/Chairs and lounge chaise colours can I go with? Also can I mix aluminum or wood furniture?

    • Reply

      Kelley Bostian

      May 28, 2024

      Hi Lina,
      Your outdoor space sounds very relaxing, so we are excited to see how you approach this decorating challenge since there are many different options you could choose: we think first you should try mixing small wood toned furniture pieces like end tables, adding new throw pillows, or (if possible) adding outdoor drapery panels. These could all help with adding warmer tones to this space, as well as potted plants and greenery depending on where this space is located in your home.
      Also, not only can you mix metal and wood tones together, we actually recommend it in (recently covered this topic in our Mixing Wood Tones 101 video on YouTube). To find a balance with the aluminum you already have, start small and see what works well and what doesn’t, then go bigger when you feel confident in the way the metal and wood mix across all light and temperature conditions.
      Hope this helps and happy decorating,