Podcast, Ep. 202: designer Heidi Caillier

Designer Heidi Caillier

Designer Heidi Caillier

Our guest today is Heidi Caillier of Heidi Caillier Design in Seattle, Washington. Her work has been featured in Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Garden, the Wall Street Journal, and many more. Listen to this episode as she shares decorating tips and advice from her many years of experience in the decorating field.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Heidi talks about neutral colors and how to use them
  • Heidi shares about her journey to decorating
  • How to keep colors from feeling depressing and combining different shades
  • The hosts and Heidi talk about how to balance different colors
  • How to incorporate different floral patterns
  • Heidi discusses her own house transformation
  • The hosts and Heidi talk about brown furniture and how to decorate with it
  • Heidi shares tips on how to approach layouts of rooms, small spaces, and decorations

Decorating Dilemmas

What is your opinion of painting interior doors a dark color?  Should all the interior doors be painted the same – example include closet doors as opposed to just the ones leading into the room.  I love the look of darks doors but do not want my small bungalow (~ 1550ish sq ft) to look choppy.




Hi Jill,

I feel like for small spaces you would want to do all the interior doors the same color. But, I feel like everything is dependent on the house itself and the architecture. If you are dealing with a place that has six doors in a small space, then you probably shouldn’t paint the doors a color. But in small doses, I would do all the interior doors the same color and maybe leave the trim white.



Hi ladies!

I discovered your podcast almost a year ago and love it! Our family moved into our first home in Miami from a condo six months ago and your podcast was an invaluable resource to me and a HUGE help for making decorating decisions!

I had a baby two weeks after the move (would not recommend this timing 🙂 ) so I hit pause on decorating right after we moved in and the initial round of decorating/furniture purchasing was done.  Now that we are somewhat settled (and sleeping more!) I am trying to complete a few of the rooms and I really need help with the finishing touches and layers in our formal dining room. I just can’t seem to make any decisions!

I’ve attached photos of the room, the floor plan as well as the living room which is across from the dining room.  It’s a 12×14 dining room with high, 12-foot ceilings.  I like what I have put together so far (table, chairs, buffet, chandelier, and art) but need help filling the space out and adding some warmth to the room with draperies, a rug and accessories. Would love any and all advice but my specific questions are below:

– I’d love to get rid of the blinds the previous owner had installed and add draperies.  What kind of fabric/colors do you think would look best?

– I can’t figure out what type of rug would look good in the space.  I have two small children and will host other family & friends with kids, so a rug that is easy to clean and/or hides stains is a must!

– Would love suggestions on lighting, decor, and accessories for the room

– I have an empty wall in the dining room.  Could I add another piece of furniture? Or would it be too crowded?

Thanks so much for taking time to read my dilemma!!



Hi Jordan,

I feel like this room needs a vintage rug, maybe with some violet, purple, or brown undertones to ground the space. There is a lot of white going on in the dining chairs, chandelier, and buffet, so something to richen it up the lighter colors would be lovely and child friendly. Pattern rugs are a great way to hide stains so vintage, wool rugs are wonderful for this.

For draperies, I think that for this room that is what is really missing right now. I would go all the way to the ceiling or as high as you can with the rod and all the way to the floor. I would put panels on each window so it frames the pretty piece of artwork in between. I would keep the colors just a neutral linen with a pinch pleat at the top. Another option would be to layer in some color and patterns through the draperies.

Lastly, for the dining room, I would say there is enough furniture in there. However, I would say to incorporate a random vintage chair to bring in some floral patterns.

Good luck, Jill and Jordan!

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