How to Create a Work from Home Setup

If there’s anything the last year has taught us, it’s that our homes need to function in more ways than one. Home offices are rooms that are not often prioritized, but as times are changing your work from home setup has now become more important than ever. Whether you’ve been working remotely, educating your children from home, or just need your own space to conquer your to-do list, many of us have found ourselves desperately in need of a home office. Use these tips to ditch working from your dining table and create the work from home setup you deserve.

Carve Out Your Work Space

Working from home offers a lot of flexibility, you can multitask at your kitchen counter or take a call from the car, but it’s still important to claim a designated space for yourself. Just like at the office, having your own workstation helps with staying organized and creates a positive working environment. We understand not everyone has the room to accommodate a full office, so you need to choose a space that works for you. This could mean squeezing a desk in at the end of a hallway or carving out a nook in your bedroom.

When creating your work from home setup, keep these important factors in mind:

  • Is the space close to an outlet? You will need to easily plug in all of your devices.
  • Is the space in a high trafficked area? It can be challenging to work in a space with a lot of distractions.
  • Am I able to take zoom meetings and calls from this space?
  • Is this space in a well lit area? Working without natural light can put a damper on your work day.

Create a work from home setup with an expansive desk surface from Ballard Designs

Find Your Office MVP: The Desk

Once you’ve carved out your work from home space, the next step is to find your most valuable player: the desk. Whether you choose a desk or table, this is where you will be spending the majority of your day. It’s important to consider how much surface space you will need. While your computer may not take up much room, you will still need plenty of surface space to take notes, rest your cup of coffee, fuel up with snacks, and store your office supplies.

Desk with cord management for your work from home setupCord Management

Looking for ways to work smarter? Opt for a desk with cord organization. Our Verona Desk, Eastman Secretary Desk, and Sabina Desk are a few options that feature clever cord management, while our Hutton Desk features a hidden USB port to keep your electronics charged.

Filing System

Not everyone needs a filing system, but it’s important to consider if you need a place to store bills, mail, and important documents. If your desk doesn’t have enough room to file away your papers, consider adding a filing cabinet to your space. Just make sure to keep your work papers and household filing system separate.

Secretary Desks

If your work space is in a common area, hallway, or bedroom, a secretary desk is a great option because you can fold up the desk and hide everything at the end of the day.

Choose Your Office Chair

Since we spend the majority of the day at our desk, investing in a good desk chair can make all the difference during your work day. Great desk chairs don’t have to look boring like the typical office chair, especially when you’re working from home. Brighten your day with an upholstered chair in a fun pattern or mix in a different material, like this woven texture.

Add in Accessories to Stay Organized

There’s no need for an assistant when you have pretty office accessories by your side. As you can see in the office above, we love to corral a desk full of clutter with storage boxes and shelving. We also believe you can never go wrong with a classic desk organizer, but it’s always fun to mix in unconventional pieces to keep your office from being too stuffy. Serving trays, bowls, and stands are a fun take on office accessories while still offering plenty of functionality.

Utilize Your Wall Space

If you’re limited on space, take advantage of your wall! This acrylic wall organizer provides varying sized pockets to keep clutter out of the way. We also love to use display boards to easily pin up important memos and notes. These are great options to keep your office organized while conquering the challenge of filling a blank wall.

Add Lighting for Bright Ideas

Instead of reaching for that extra cup of coffee for an energy boost, try adding more lighting instead. A well-lit space has been proven to aid in positive work performance. For a simple solution mix in task lighting on a desk or shelf. Pendants and chandeliers make great style statements and floating your desk in front of a window offers rays of natural light.

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