How to Use a Decorative Wall Bracket In Your Room

It’s all about the mix. We love mixing styles, periods, shapes, colors, and materials together to create a layered room that reflects the personality of the owner. Because of this, we’re always looking for new ways to showcase curiosities and special pieces. Decorative wall brackets are often over looked when thinking about wall decor, but we love the way they bring a three dimensional element to your gallery wall and can turn a beautiful vase or sculpture into a focal point. See how to use them in your room with our tips below:

1. Show Off Your Collection

If you love collecting like objects — pottery, chinoiserie, figurines, or even dinnerware — a decorative wall bracket is the perfect way to turn your beautiful collection into a show-stopping focal point. Group like objects together on a contrasting wall color to bring attention to your favorite things.

On the wall above, we played off the blue and white color palette or our favorite Bunny Williams Campbell House Dinnerware by displaying them on wooden wall brackets

2.  Wider Your Art

We typically suggest that your art be 50-75% the width of whatever piece of furniture it’s hanging over, but sometimes you want to use a piece that is a bit too small. Add decorative wall brackets and objets flanking that wall art to widen your decor and get the scale just right.

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In the dining room above, the botanical print was feeling a little small over this long sideboard, so we visually widened the piece by hanging two wall brackets on either side. It creates a more impactful arrangement, reinforces the symmetry, and puts the wall art more in scale with the console.

3. Add Dimension with a Decorative Wall Bracket

Gallery walls are a great way to fill wall space and to group together smaller pieces for big impact. But too often gallery walls feel boring and boxy. Add a three dimensional element like a wall bracket and an interesting vase or piece of pottery to your gallery wall to boost interest and mix things up.

In the bedroom above, we grouped together several art pieces, but to give the arrangement more movement, we added an acrylic wall bracket with a piece of coral. Gallery walls are a popular design trend, and adding a bracket will set yours apart from the rest.

4. Add Storage

We’re all looking for more storage in our lives, are we not? While a decorative wall bracket may not solve all of your problems, it’s a handy place to store things, whether it’s by your bedside, a perch in the bathroom for jewelry, or a spot in the entryway for of keys. 

5. Play with Styles

Every room needs a mix of styles. It keeps your space feeling fresh and updated. Consider using a traditional wall bracket to bring a timelessness to a modern room or use a modern, acrylic wall bracket to add a contemporary feel to your space.

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To perk up the classic pieces in the dining room above, we added a rich purple wall and acrylic wall brackets. The brackets have a traditional shape but in a contemporary material which creates a striking juxtaposition of contemporary and classic.

6. Create Drama

Focal points are so important in a room. Without them, a space has no anchor and won’t draw you in. Create a focal point on a wall with a grouping of decorative wall brackets and your favorite collection. It’ll turn a big empty space into a dramatic focal point.

Want more information about focal points and drama?

 Set off framed art pieces with a black wall to create high contrast and high drama. We love the way this charcoal wall color makes our botanical art leaned on brackets pop. It’s feels so dramatic and stylish!

7. Create Symmetry

Symmetry is an important decorating strategy, especially if you’re trying to figure out a tricky layout, camouflage something you don’t like, or take a large, blah space and give it personality. Every room needs a bit of symmetry and a bit of asymmetry, and wall decor is an easy way to add structure and balance.

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Caroline McDonald

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