7 Ways to Add Drama to Your Room

Create a dramatic focal point with a collection of art

Drama in life isn’t usually a good thing, but a little bit in the home? We think every room needs some! We’ve mentioned it before, but a focal point is a crucial element for every room, and a little drama helps you achieve that attention-grabbing focal point. Without one, your eye doesn’t know where to land upon entering a room, but with one, a room feels balanced, inviting, and interesting. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to create that dramatic focal point. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Desk with a collection of antique globes from Suzanne Kasler's new book Timeless Style

1. A Collection

We love both of the spaces above designed by Suzanne Kasler. They’re both dramatic, while still having that gorgeously streamlined and serene Suzanne look. Suzanne uses one big focal point (often a collection) so that she can keep the rest of the room more simple and clean. In the first photo above, a large collection of framed prints on a wall draws you in and adds that little bit of drama that gives the room personality.

Then, Suzanne gathers a collection of antique globes on a console table to create a focal point in a living room.

A collection, whether it’s a collection of art or objects, creates an impactful point that makes you stop and look.

Create a dramatic focal point with a mirror

2. A Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to bring a little drama. They reflect light into your space, creating that airy look we always love, and their reflective quality demands your attention. A mirror like our Sacha Mirror can be grouped in multiples to create a glamorous, glittering wall behind a sofa or a hallway.

An allover print creates a dramatic focal point

3. An Allover Print

In this bedroom, we used the same print on curtains and on the bed. We love this look because while it’s bold and creates a dramatic feel, using only one print en masse makes it feel like a neutral. It’s bold without being busy!

A wall color creates a dramatic focal point

4. A Wall Color

It can sometimes be hard to use a dark wall color without making the room feel dreary and cavernous, but this room does it right. We chose a room that has lots of windows (just out of the shot to the left) so that plenty of natural light would flood the space. We also used our new Helena Bedroom Collection which has the most gorgeous light blue color. Chocolate brown and icy blue are beautifully complimentary colors, and the dark background emphasizes the elegant curves of the bed. All in all, it works!

A dramatic light fixture creates a focal point in a room

5. A Light Fixture

Light Fixtures are a great way to create a focal point in a small room since they don’t take up any floor space. Our Orb Chandelier is a definite conversation starter, but any light fixture that you love would work. Pick something with lots of personality and air on the side of slightly too large for your room so it’ll make an impact!

A bold rug creates a dramatic focal point in a room

6. A Bold Rug

Rugs are sometimes overlooked as an area of a room where you can make a statement, but if you find one you love, they’re a great jumping off point for a space. In the living room above, we used our Lewis Hand Hooked Rug, then added white and light colored upholstery to create an airy space with personality to spare.

An animal print brings drama to a room

7. An Animal Print

Duh! You know we love a leopard print, and our new Serengeti fabric is bold and modern, the perfect accent to a room that needs a little punch. In this room, we used an ottoman upholstered in Serengeti plus a few throw pillows. Together, it feels polished and dramatic!

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