Style Up Your Door with Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Style Up Your Front Door for Christmas

We recently heard a tale so wonderful it begs repeating: the history of holiday lights can be traced back to the middle ages, when it was so dark during the winter months that families burned oil lanterns to welcome friends and neighbors into their home. Now, that could be folklore, but we love the sentiment. An inviting home starts on the porch, yet somehow in the mix of the holiday season, lining the exterior of the house with lights gets all the glory. There’s something so festive to dressing up your front door with outdoor decor for ultimate curb appeal.  

Style Up Your Front Door for Christmas

Fit to be Tied  

If there’s anything ribbon cannot be used for we have yet to find it. It’s saved us on more than one hair mishap, outfit disaster, and decorating occasion so we aren’t too surprised at how much interest it adds to otherwise plain columns.

Style Up Your Front Door for Christmas

We’re wild about tassels. Tasseled garland adds layers of interest and pairing with the Suzanne Kasler Monde Volcanic Ash Sphere makes a dramatic statement.  

Style Up Your Front Door for Christmas

In addition to loving tassels, we’re merry for metallics. There’s not a more striking color combination than gold and green at Christmas. Add a few seasonal elements like a faux reindeer and you’re all set. You can cross off simple and festive from your list.   

Suzanne Kasler's holiday front door


In our opinion, Christmas trees should not just be relegated to the living room. We love the idea of decorating a tree outside and whimsical touches like a sled give a wink and a nod to the fun realities of the snowy season. 

Style Up Your Front Door for Christmas

We’ve noticed the turquoise and silver color combination at Christmas for a while now and love the non-traditional pairing. Topping an outdoor plant is a great way to dip your toe into the frosty color combo.  

Style Up Your Front Door for Christmas

Outdoor plants you might already have make a great medium for ornaments. Paired with wreaths in a series make for a memorable statement.  

Style Up Your Front Door for Christmas

Natural State   

Greenery works best by using the architectural structure of your home. Using its lines, follow it with garland and a matching wreath for a stoop that is a statement.  

Natural elements like pine cones and realistic evergreen branches are a decorator’s best friend. It also helps to use pieces you’d normally have for an antique yet modern feel.

Style Up Your Front Door for Christmas

One way to spruce up greenery is the use of ornaments. A ball ornament wreath fits the bill.  We also love pieces that can be used beyond winter –  our Legare Lantern isn’t limited to use in December. We keep ours on our front porch all year-round. 

Style your front door for the holidays with greenery, wreaths, and ribbon

The great thing about using greenery is you don’t have to limit yourself to only green. Winter wonderland dreams can be achieved with greenery that’s kissed with the appearance of freshly-fallen snow.  

We think you’ll love the added curb appeal when you give your front door a seasonal makeover this holiday season.  

Browse all of our holiday accents online, or find more holiday inspiration on our blog.

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