Dress Up Your Topiary for the Holidays

Dress Up Topiaries for the HolidaysDuring the holiday season, the two greenery showstoppers that get the most glory are garland and, of course, the Christmas tree. As they should. But, let’s not overlook something you likely already have that could easily use a festive spin – the topiary.

One of our favorite things in decorating for the season is to take your already existing faux greenery and give it a holiday makeover. Topiaries are the tops in our book because you don’t need a degree in horticulture to make them work – in fact most of ours are faux. Here are 3 ways you can dress up your topiary for the holidays.

1. Topiary to the Table

The gatherings around our table from November through January are plentiful, festive, and welcome. That’s why the simplest way to incorporate a topiary is on your dining room table. A big bowl of faux greenery in the middle of the table, chic potted ones on the sideboard, and even hanging wreaths from window sills make the prettiest backdrop.

Pinecone topiaries on dining table as centerpiece

For a rustic look, our Pinecone Topiary delivers. It captures the essence of the season and is a surprising twist on a traditional green topiary. We love using these for our Thanksgiving table and keep them around through January.

Pops of green throughout the dining room are stunning against your holiday table runner. For added interest, play with varying heights of your topiary.

Boxwood topiary on back of chair | Ballard Designs

Don’t limit yourself to the tabletop – chairs also call for a topiary crown. We tied this one on with simple burlap ribbon, but a few ornaments are a pretty addition as well.

2. Sideboard Statement

When it comes to topiary in décor, the more the merrier. These gems really look best when paired because they create symmetry and scale. We especially love to group them together on sideboards and console tables for a conversation-stopping statement.

Entryway console with boxwood topiaries | Ballard Designs

The best thing about topiaries is all the ways in which they come – small and large dome, double ball, short, fat, wide – we love them all.

Boxwood topiary wreaths in living room over art pieces | Ballard Designs

3. Living Room Masterpiece

Topiaries in wreath form might be our favorite use of greenery. Dropped with a simple, festive ribbon, you cannot go wrong. They work especially well when left to hang from existing art or furniture.

Cedar topiary trees on living room mantel embellished with mini ornaments | Ballard Designs

While you’re hanging stockings with care, ornaments should not be limited to the Christmas tree. Add some magic to the mantle with Bunny Williams Preserved Cypress Topiaries dotted with mini glass ornaments.

So what do you think? Would you dress up your topiary for the holidays?