Podcast, Ep. 52 with Miles Redd & David Kaihoi

David Kaihoi and Miles Redd join the podcast to talk shop

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This week we go to New York to catch up with Miles Redd, and his design partner in crime David Kaihoi.  Miles has been featured in Vogue, W, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest and now he brings his one of a kind style to outdoor furniture at Ballard Designs. We talk with Miles and David about the inspiration behind the new collection, which offers beautifully designed quality pieces that look expensive and high end but are affordable and functional. 

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Decorating should be fun, and not a source of stress or pressure.
  • How Miles and David overcome a creative dry spell or artistic lull and get in touch with their inspiration
  • The importance of feasting your eyes on beautiful homes to gather ideas, even if it’s just on vacation
  • What it’s like to see things again with wonder and newness from the fresh eye of children
  • The role of performance fabrics and durability in a home with kids
  • The balance of giving their younger clients what they want between what is functional and makes the most sense
  • Their new self storing cushion chair in the outdoor furniture collection blends stunning aesthetic with practical usage.
  • Their special dining room tables that feature options and versatility
  • The colors and materials that they love enough to bring in to their new office,
  • Their work with Housing Works and Design on a Dime to help people get back on their feet and feel comfortable in society
  • Their special theme of color and wallpaper for the booth this year, and their inspiration behind it
  • A quick and easy way to decorate using wall sculptures
  • How Miles switches from designing for clients and interior design to product development and design
  • Miles and David’s propensity for adding in ebony or chalky white furniture to add an elegant and high end touch

Decorating Dilemmas

Hello ladies! I love the podcast! So great to hear about interior design every week. I am in the US Air Force and currently stationed in Germany. We have moved a lot over the

last 15 years and we have a couple of years left in Germany before we go back to the States. We haven’t bought a forever home because we aren’t sure yet where we want to settle down.

I really want to buy some amazing European pieces while I am here. My style is fairly eclectic but with a traditional foundation. Europe naturally has that traditional foundation and everything that has come after has kind of given it an eclectic vibe. The problem is that I cannot buy for a specific room or house at this point. I really want to buy furniture and lighting. I LOVE European light fixtures (I know I would have to get it the wiring switched over, but I’m okay with that). I really struggle with knowing what will work for a future home! Size and storage until the move is not a problem as we have both of those covered!   I would so appreciate your thoughts and advice!

Thank you,


Miles’ advice is to absorb and dream as much as you can now, and keep note of what you like for when it’s time to decorate your forever (or for a really long time) house. If you do fall in love with an art piece, it may be worth the investment even though you may not have a space quite yet. Buy the best and don’t forget – good art and good sheets are the two necessities.


Hi!I live in a home that is filled with beautiful medium-tone wood……floors, baseboards and window trim. I love the “look” of wood but feel it makes my rooms feel heavy. My husband insists on NOT painting the wood. Can you teach me how to brighten my rooms? Light colored draperies, area rugs and upholstered furniture do not seem to be enough. Help!


Miles agrees that wood tones can make for dark cavernous interiors. We say to try it out by painting one room, and also adding some lamps.

Show Notes

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Happy Decorating!

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    Diana Elizabeth

    June 5, 2018

    The smart bulbs, Phillips HUE works well (you need the bulbs and the HUE system) and you can say “Hey Google, turn on all the lights” or “Hey Google turn on living room lights” 😉 It’s how we operate around here too. You can also put them on timers as well 🙂 xx