Podcast, Ep. 51 with designer Lauren DeLoach

Atlanta designer Lauren DeLoach caught our eye at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Southeastern Designer Showhouse, so we were super excited to have her on today’s episode. She talks with us about why she loves brown furniture, why she uses a check in almost every room, tips on how to decorate bookshelves, and family-friendly design ideas.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • The room that she featured at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Southeastern Designer Showhouse was one of the most coveted of the day
  • Ideas to create a balanced and yet lived in look for built-Ins and bookshelves, and what to do when the books you actually love to read don’t fit your color scheme
  • How the rule of three also applies to color
  • Her love for using brown furniture and antiques to add layers and history to a home
  • The tricks a camera plays in photoshoots, and a sneak peek of what really happens behind the scenes of a shoot 
  • Lauren’s insider recommendations for having a kid-friendly yet beautifully decorated house
  • The helpful way to add a pop of color and fun with buffalo and gingham checks
  • The general rule of thumb to measure your rug so you aren’t living on an empty rug island
  • Her favorite cream paint color and which paint finishes belong on which surfaces

Decorating Dilemmas


Love love love the podcast and blog! Each week I hear you say more lamps, more lamps! We moved from Alabama and bought a brand new house in South West Louisiana 2 years ago. Like most homes here it was built on a concrete slab. The builder did not add plugs in the floor of my very open concept living room. Please help me with some ideas for where I can add more lamps to a room with only wall plugs. The lamp you see in the picture is not actually plugged in. The room does have both recessed lights and a chandelier. On either side of the built-in is access to the bedrooms. Ceilings are 14 feet tall.


We love what you already have going on, so great job! Add a larger seagrass or natural fiber rug under your fabulous persian rug. After you’ve done this, you can put a small hole in the natural fiber rug and run the cord all the way to the wall to plug it in. 

Another suggestion would be to have an electrician add in some sconces in between the windows, and possibly some plugs by the bookshelf so you can put some small lamps on your bookshelves.

Since your room is so large, you probably need more light sources than you think. Another lamp, a few sconces, and some lighting in your bookshelves should help.

Best of luck! 

Hello Ladies!

I recently renovated my kitchen from a warm cream cabinets, tile and beige countertops to a classic and timeless “white” kitchen with subway tile and white counters.  It’s so happy and refreshing every time I walk in!

My question involves a free standing hutch cabinet that houses wine glasses, serving pieces, tupperware and larger bowls.  I don’t know HOW to paint this? Should I …

1.  Paint over just the red/rust color?

2. Paint the entire thing                        

3. Shop for a new piece

In keeping my new/old kitchen “timeless and classic”   I don’t know what colors to paint the hutch cabinet. Darker grey Chalk paint?

I am deriving color and style in my kitchen through art, accessories and table linens.  My house is VERY colorful…I love Dorothy Draper and the style at The Greenbrier resort…Timeless, classic and with a sense of humor.

By the way, I’m a devotee of Maria Killam, have taken her course and that’s how I found YOUR podcast – which I LOVE!)

Should I add new hardware? I am considering either the Ballard Design “Grovehurst” in black or “Paulette” in brass.

Do you have any other recommendations for me? 

Lauren loves the idea of painting it, and as an ode to Dorothy Draper we would pop one color on it and then update the hardware to brass.

I also suggest moving the top of the hutch down a bit so it looks like the two pieces are connecting.

Show Notes

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Happy Decorating!

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