10 Outdoor Centerpiece Ideas

This post about Outdoor Centerpiece Ideas was updated February 2024.
Outdoor centerpiece flower arrangementAn outdoor centerpiece can really make or break a table setting: The right centerpiece completes the look of the table while also giving your guests something interesting to look at throughout the evening.

If you’re searching for a gorgeous centerpiece to level up your next gathering, here are ten easy outdoor centerpiece ideas you need to try in your own backyard.

Bowl of Fruit Centerpiece

1. A Bowl of Fruit

For casual, outdoor gatherings, we love centerpieces that are unfussy. If you’re just having friends over for an impromptu meal, there’s no reason to visit the florist. Instead, a pretty bowl with some fruit in it is an easy option that still creates a focal point.

Potted Plant Outdoor Centerpiece Ideas2. Potted Plants

Sometimes simple potted plants are the best way to go. Here, we set out tons of potted plants in different shapes, sizes, and containers for an eclectic look. As an added bonus, you can leave these out all season long. No need to worry about hauling them in and out when guests descend.

3.  Sculptural Pieces

For outdoor spaces that may be far away from the house, consider using outdoor sculptures as a focal point. These volcanic ash spheres above make a big statement, can endure the elements, and beautifully mix with flowers and other greenery.

Urn Centerpiece4. Urns

Outdoor spaces usually have tons of organic shapes — think vines, leaves, and stone. To contrast all of that wildness, we love using piece with structure. Beautiful urns like our chinoiserie featured above are a great way to make a big statement.

Pro Tip: Be sure to just bring decorative urns outdoors temporarily or the exterior may damage!

Outdoor Lantern Centerpiece

5. Light Up with Candles and Lanterns

Lanterns and candles are another simple way to elevate an outdoor table. We suggest grouping a few different light sources at various heights across your space for better contrast and dimension.

Outdoor Rechargeable Lamp

6. Set The Right Mood with Rechargeable LED Lamps

In larger patio spaces further away from the home, one to three rechargable LED lamps may work better than ambient flame for setting the right mood. We love the sleek and lightweight build of our Evelyn Indoor/Outdoor table lamp, featured above.

Succulent Centerpiece7. Succulents

Succulents are an easy way to make an unexpected statement. Their bold shapes and colors can be mixed together for visual interest or used on their own for a simple touch of texture. They work in nearly any scenario and always look chic.

Outdoor Centerpiece with Flowers8. Flower Arrangement

Of course, a flower arrangement also works for nearly any occasion. On this outdoor dining table, we paired the flowers with scalloped placemats, leopard accent plates, and comfortable dining chairs.

9. Cut Branches

If you’re in a pinch or looking for something different to try, take a moment to look around your yard for a tree or leafy plant that you think is pretty. Then, snip off a few branches, place them into a clear glass vase, and now you have an easy (and free) outdoor centerpiece!

Decorative Shell10. Decorative Shells

For poolside spaces or those that love coastal decorating styles, decorative shells make for a surprisingly versatile decorative centerpiece. In the room above, we filled a decorative clam shell with beachy faux plants to compliment the wood tones of the wicker table below—the decorating possibilities are endless here!

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