8 Reasons We Love Decorating with Black and White

Black and white office with black desk furniture and white wallsIf you’re flipping through our Winter 2018 catalog, you’ve probably noticed heavy doses of black and white in all of our rooms. We love using these two neutrals as foundation pieces in our spaces, but they also make great statement pieces too. Basically, we just can’t get enough of this classic combo, so we thought we’d list all the reasons you should love it too.

Black and white pieces can go with nearly any other colors1. It works with any color palette

Both black and white are endlessly versatile, primarily because they complement nearly any other color. Mix black or white accents with reds, blues, pink, green, or yellow, and in almost any scenario, it works. In this space, we upholstered our sofa in black linen and chose a white secretary. Neither of them take away from the yellow or green pieces. If anything, they help to highlight them!

Entryway with black console table, white pedestal table, and neutral accents

2. It never goes out of style

If you’re buying large foundation pieces, neutrals are a sensible choice. Black and white never go out of style, so invest in a piece in either of these colors for a good investment.

3. It makes a statement

Use black or white strategically to create a focal point. We love the way Miles Redd’s Tuxedo Chest in a shiny lacquer finish makes a bold statement in a bedroom. Or use a black wall color to create drama in a bedroom.

Accents of white in a living room4. It can be subtle

On the flip side, both black and white can also feel subtle in certain spaces. Take, for example, a room with white walls. To keep the space feeling airy and uncluttered, bring in more white pieces that can subtlety tuck into the space. All of the pieces in this living room are light, so it’s easy to bring more white pieces into the space (like accessories) without it feeling heavy.

5. Miles loves it

We look up to all of our design partners, and we love hearing their unique perspectives about what works. Miles Redd uses lots of black and white in the rooms he designs for clients, and you’ll notice that many of the furniture pieces in his collection come in either black or white. If Miles gives his stamp of approval, then consider us on board!

White daybed with black accents and a modern feel
6. It’s easy to find

If you’ve listened to our podcast episode with blogger Sherry Hart, you may have heard one of her favorite reasons for black and white – they’re easy to find. Whether you’re bargain shopping or hunting high and low for just the right piece, it’s easy to find furniture, bedding, accessories, and nearly anything you need in one of these shades. Choose black and white as your color palette and your space will come together in no time.

7. Matching is Easy

Sure, there are varying shades of black and white, but for the most part, it’s easy to incorporate either of these colors without worrying about whether they’ll match. No need to carry around swatches to make sure you’re shopping for just the right shade.

8. Patterns Pop

Patterns make more of a statement when they’re in black and white. Just think about a great black and white checkerboard floor, or a classic hexagonal tile in black and white. Any pattern in this foolproof color combo packs more power. We love using our Teigen, Dodie, and Buffalo Check patterns in black and white to bring drama to the space.

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Caroline McDonald

Caroline lives for pairing together patterns, mixing furniture styles, and oogling over our newest furniture pieces. As you can imagine, her little 1920's craftsman is in a constant state of flux. Here on How to Decorate, it's her goal to help you turn your home into your own little slice of paradise.


  1. Reply

    Ella Bracy

    January 20, 2019

    I would love to see black and white tile or linoleum floors come back!

  2. Reply


    March 9, 2018

    What model is the glass desk? Where can it be purchased? Thanks.

  3. Reply


    March 1, 2018

    Ive been asking for the paint color name in the bedroom shown in #2- it’s also featured in your catalog behind a pink front door- would also like to know the name of the pink door paint

    Thank you for your help

    • Reply

      Caroline McDonald

      March 2, 2018

      The wall color is Sherwin William’s Tricorn Black and the door is Benjamin Moore’s Romance #1333.
      So glad you like these spaces!

  4. Reply

    franki parde

    February 6, 2018

    You know, I’ve never been more drawn to black ‘n white!! Especially, now, living in a log cabin those darker colors with “pops of white!” Who kNEW!! franki