12 Days of Decorating: Spread Cheer with Mini Trees

12 Days of Decorating: Day 1, decorate with mini trees to spread cheer throughout the room

Decorating for the holidays can be intimidating. There’s so much to do, so little time to do it, and the pressure is high to create a perfectly festive home to show off to family and friends. It’s a lot. And we understand that, so we came up with 12 fun, easy-to-do tips for adding cheer throughout the home. We’ll be sharing one easy task each day until December 12th — and by then, your home will be ready for Santa!

Add festive cheer to every room in your house with mini Christmas trees

This week, we think you can dip your toe into the decorating game by adding some small mini trees in various rooms of the house. Whether it’s your home office, your children’s room, the kitchen, or your front porch, a small tree here and there is simple to put up, doesn’t require a lot of decorating, and feels oh-so-festive!

Add festive cheer to every room in your house with mini Christmas trees

Check back tomorrow for another easy tip to tackle!

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