7 Ways to Display Christmas Cards

Ways to display your holiday and christmas cards

As soon as the turkey leftovers are gone you can count on one thing — the mailbox will start filling up with holiday greetings and Christmas cards! The two seem to go hand-in-hand. But what do you do with all those cards once they come in the door? We’ve got 7 ways to display the cards in your home — not just sticking them on your boring bulletin board or fridge.

1. Use Holiday Ribbon

In this festive dining room, we used holiday ribbon as a way to string christmas cards in a window. Just pin them up with clothes pins and you’ve got an easy solution for showing off all your smiling friends and family members.

Ways to display holiday and Christmas cards

2. Create Shapes

Okay, we lied. This is pinning them to bulletin board, but not in a boring way! Create a festive shape like a Christmas tree for a whimsical touch.

Ways to display holiday and Christmas cards

3. Hang Them on a Mirror

You don’t need a bulletin board to pin them up. We slipped them into the edges of this mirror over our mantel!

Ways to display holiday and Christmas cards

4. Display Them on a Bookshelf

A bookshelf is a great place to display them. Here we used some beaded garland, but you could easily just lean them up against the spines of your books.

Ways to display Christmas and holiday cards

5. Hang Them Over Your Bar

Having a holiday party? Display the smiling faces and festive messages by hanging them over your bar with some twine! It’s an easy and free way to dress up your bar.

Ways to display Christmas and holiday cards

6. Pin Them Up in Your Mudroom

Mudrooms are a great place for holiday cards because they already have such a casual feel. It’s also probably where you’re already sorting your mail. Use some colored or metallic binder clips to pin them to baskets, buckets, or bins!

Ways to display Christmas and holiday cards

7. Create a garland

Sometimes it feels like a lot to decorate your mantel with candles and garland and all the holiday trimmings. For an easy and inexpensive solution, bring color to your fireplace with a garland of Christmas cards!

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