Wishing for a White Christmas with Suzanne Kasler

Suzanne Kasler's tips for decorating your home for the holidays

For designer Suzanne Kasler, a white Christmas is always in style. This year, she brightens her signature color with Czech-inspired crystal trees, shimmering silver reindeers and mini Flocked Frasier Firs decked out in her festive ball ornaments. We got together to talk with Suzanne about her holiday collection and how to add festive touches to every room.

The Living Room

BD: You’ve always incorporated plaid into your Christmas collection, but this is the first time you’ve brought it into the home in a big way with a great rug.

Suzanne Kasler: Christmas and plaid go hand-in-hand. I can’t think of Christmas without it! I had already introduced the classic red Holiday Plaid and the green tartan Mackenzie Plaid in wrapping paper, pillows and Fabric by the Yard. And I discovered that people were really loving the Fabric by the Yard and using it in so many great ways, including drapery and upholstery, and not just for the holidays. So I thought, “why not a rug?” It’s a great way to create a whole new feel in a room.

BD: How do you envision people using the Mackenzie Rug beyond the holidays?

SK: It has this enduring all-American feel that’s right at home in a library, a back entry hall, a boy’s room and certainly a mountain house. It’s such a classic look that shouldn’t be reserved just for Christmas.

Decorating with plaid for Christmas and throughout the year with Suzanne Kasler

BD: This season you’re introducing your La Fete Garland. What’s your philosophy on greenery? How do you use it in your home?

SK: I really love using garland — it gives a very festive feel. I like to decorate at the very beginning of December, so I want it to look good throughout the holidays, which is why I use faux greenery. And having the lights already incorporated makes it that much easier! My secret is that I always mix in a little bit of greenery or holly from the yard to get that fresh look and feel. I think a lot of people typically think of using garland on a mantel, but I love the idea of using it in a different way, like we did here by draping the windows with it.

White ornaments from Suzanne Kasler's Holiday collection for Ballard Designs

BD: What inspired your ornaments this year?

SK: As you know, I love to decorate with white, but I also love the idea of a white Christmas. It’s the season that really inspired me to create these really great white accents. The great thing about decorating with white ornaments is that it gives you the freedom to bring in holiday color in other unexpected ways.

Suzanne Kasler's blue bedroom from Ballard Designs catalog

The Bedroom

BD: A lot of people think that with the change in seasons, you have to go darker with the layers on your bed or you should switch out your white curtains. But here you’re saying that’s not true. The white on white look can stay, even though the season changes?

SK: Yes, of course! And right now, white is really trending. The simplicity of white creates this inviting, soothing feel that works year round, especially in a bedroom. I also think all that white helps accent colors emerge, like the beautiful blue wall.

Suzanne Kasler's blue bedroom from Ballard Designs catalog

BD: How can you add warmth in a room with so much white?

SK: It’s all about bringing in texture through baskets and metallics. Everyone is in the mood for gilded finishes, and I have a mix of them in this room. It brings a modern element into a transitional room. My favorite example is the Lydie Desk we’re using as a side table. The milk white glass framed in gold finish is so striking. And we’re showing it with this really fun stool.

Suzanne Kasler's Gilded Pelage Stool for Ballard Designs

BD: Yes! Tell us about the Gilded Pelage Stool.

SK: It’s just so glamorous — it’s like an everyday indulgence or whimsy. Every bedroom should have a place to sit, so you may as well make it fun. You can also use it as an object to stack things on.

Suzanne Kasler's white and black lamp

BD: You also have a lamp in two finishes, black and white.

SK: The white is a plaster bisque, which is such a classic look. The black is great, too. Decorating with black and white is coming back into design focus, so a black lamp in a white room is very chic.

Suzanne Kasler's blue bedroom from Ballard Designs catalog

BD: You’re also introducing a new wool rug, the Emilyn Hand Knotted Rug. It’s gorgeous, and it gives that neutral ground you’re known for.

SK: I do love a neutral rug, and it’s hard to find a good neutral. This rug is fabulous. It has a subtle pattern that will wear really well in this muted, sophisticated color palette. The neutral palette makes it incredibly versatile.

Suzanne Kasler's white office with Parsons table and metallic accents from the Ballard Designs catalog

The Office

BD: We’re sitting in your office now, and there are a lot of similar design elements here, from the streamlined furniture to the white walls to the oversized pendant to your signature starburst mirrors.

SK: I love designing for Ballard in a way that brings what I love to life. I also love to translate my favorite elements in way that makes them easy to incorporate into any home. 

Suzanne Kasler's white office with Parsons table and metallic accents from the Ballard Designs catalog

BD: You have a new mirror that’s a little more organic in nature.

SK: It has that rustic, yet refined feel I was in the mood for this season. The Reindeer Art is in the same vein. They’re hand painted in a metallic silver and have this really great texture. It’s a fun, subtle way of bringing in a touch of holiday.

Suzanne Kasler's white office with Parsons table and metallic accents from the Ballard Designs catalog

BD: Do you like to bring Christmas into every room at home?

SK: Why not? The thing with Christmas is you end up adding to your collection each year, and part of the fun is getting those special things out and deciding where to put it all. So maybe some years you put it on the mantel and other years you put it on your desk in the office. It’s fun to mix things up and put them in different places each year, depending on the mood you’re in. Also, the great thing about my Frasier Fir Trees is that I created several sizes, so you can put the smaller trees in other rooms and on tabletops, like your office desk. Of course, they’re also great for people who live in a small space and don’t want a big tree. When you plug it in, it transforms the whole space.

BD: We love the wall decor in this office. What makes a wall gallery work?

SK: It’s a repetitive mix. So you can take different shapes and sizes and mix them together, but there’s a common thread. When we start a wall gallery, we usually start with one random piece and, from there, hang other pieces around it, making sure nothing lines up to create a composition similar to this. It’s a really fun way to make an instant collection. I obviously love to throw in mirrors. They reflect the room and you can use them as art without committing yourself to a certain composition or color palette. It’s neutral and goes with any art you have mixed in.

Suzanne Kasler's white office with Parsons table and metallic accents from the Ballard Designs catalog

BD: Your Czech Crystal Trees are back, too.

SK: They are so fabulous and they look best grouped together, so I would encourage everyone to buy one each year to grow your collection. They’re another easy way to bring Christmas into a room. I like to think of them as future vintage treasures for the next generation.

BD: One last question: are you going to do anything different this holiday?

SK: I’m going to focus a little more on the lights when I decorate this year. I love all of the lights and sparkle, so I’m adding them everywhere I can!

Thanks for talking to us about your Holiday collection, Suzanne!

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    Bess Combs

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    Where is the desk to the right of the bed in the bedroom photo and on the knotted rug with the gilded stool? I saw it in a catalogue a few weeks ago and now can’t find it on your website.

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      Caroline McDonald

      January 19, 2017

      I’m so sorry but this desk is currently sold out!

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    How do I decorate a dining room (light furniture) with a great room ( dark furniture) one room adjacent to the other?

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      How to Decorate

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      We totally understand how tricky it can be to decorate two adjacent rooms, especially when you may have pieces that don’t work together. We actually have a free service where you can send in your space and our Design Solutions team will create a plan for you. All you need to do is complete this form and be sure to upload photos. Our interior designers will contact you with some suggestions!
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