3 Ways to Fill Your Non-Working Fireplace

Fill your non-working fireplace with mercury glass vases and LED globes

3 ways to fill your non-working fireplace

By nature, fireplaces become the focal point of a room. If, however, your fireplace isn’t a working one, it can be tricky to come up with ways for it to feel intentional and pretty. We came up with three ideas for filling your firebox to you have a proper focal point for the holidays.

In the space above, we filled our fireplace with wrapped gifts! It’s a great way to bring color to your mantel and it keeps your growing pile of gifts out of the way!

Fill your non-working fireplace with logs wrapped in battery operated lights

Stacking logs in your fireplace is a no brainer, but we decided to take it a step further by wrapping birch logs in our petite starry lights to give them a little glow. These lights are super handy since they’re battery powered, and because the LED lights are connected by a thin wire, they’re easy to wrap and mold to your wreath or garland.

Fill your non-working fireplace with mercury glass vases and LED globes

If your fireplace is non-working, you probably miss the warm glow you’d expect from a hearth. To make up for it, we suggest Mercury Glass Vases and Mercury Glass LED Globes. The globes are battery operated and can be turned on with a simple switch, and we filled our favorite vases with the same starry lights we wrapped around the logs above.

And there you have, three super simple and pretty ways to turn your non-working fireplace into the focal point your room deserves!

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