Decorating Dilemmas: Katy’s Pillow Woes

Coordinating pillows with your decor

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Dear How to Decorate,

I know it seems silly, but I’m really struggling with what pillows to put on my couch and love seat. I want something that will bring some life to the room and make my curtains pop! I have found that I naturally gravitate towards blues and greens, but maybe pops of pinks, yellows, oranges would be better? I’ve tried to find pink pillows from big box stores, but I get them home and they are more of a coral/ tangerine and take over the space versus being cohesive. I find pillow hunting daunting and stressful as it feels like it never turns out the way I hope or imagined, especially since so many stores are online where shipping is a pain.

The pictures I’ve included have the main pieces in place (couch, love seat, curtains, layout), but minor things have changed like the mirrors hanging on the wall of the fire place (they are now bigger, lighter colored, and more detailed), blanket(s), tree and the throw pillows throughout.

The second photo is a picture of the dining room table and chairs I have in an adjoining room to the living room, which now has a hutch on the left wall.

I could also use some help with the fireplace and how to decorate it!

Much appreciated!!






Hi Katy!

Thanks for reaching out to us with your “pillow woes”. We’ve all been there, where we find one pillow but can’t seem to make the others work. It sounds like a custom pillow cover may be what you need. While we have several fabrics to choose from, we suggest you have some fun with colorful patterns- you owe it to yourself since coming out of your blue and green comfort zone!

Your drapery panels are simply wonderful, so we think your space is just begging to bring the party to the sofa. Think of leopard print as a neutral and our velvety-soft Serengeti Pillow would look great. We also want to introduce to you a new fabric of ours: Ariel Red, which actually has a good bit of pink in it. Shown with it are our Escalera Maize and Ellie Indigo. If that’s too crazy for you, we have a myriad of solid fabrics from linens to velvets and everything in between.

To pull your colors together, have you ever considered a rug in your living room? It would really anchor your space. Our Lewis Hand Hooked Rug would be perfect! The colors in it are so bright and cheerful.

Katy Smith's long narrow living room

As for your fireplace, we have included a sketch since drawing the placement of objects can translate better than words. We suggest the Triple Ball Preserved Boxwood Topiary, the large and small Grand Distressed Wood Candles, Small Dome Preserved Boxwood Topiary, Rita Fireplace Screen and our Evelyn Terra Cotta Bust Planter– isn’t she lovely? She’d really shine with some color added to her and she’s a great conversation piece.

In addition, we thought your coffee table shouldn’t be left out so we added our Scalloped Outdoor Tray that you can set our Brass Bamboo Hurricane Candle Holders atop. Books are always fabulous coffee table staples. Check out Eddie Ross’ Modern Mix and Celerie Kemble’s To Your Taste. And for added fun, we love Bunny William’s Turtle Candy Dish. One last idea, if you haven’t already installed drapery panels, try adding our Deep Teal Signature Velvet Panels to your dining room windows.

It appears already that you have excellent taste and we hope we have helped you with pillows, your fireplace and a few extras. Have fun with the process and…

Happy Decorating!

The Design Team

Coordinating pillows with your decor

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