10 Ways to Bring Home Seaside Style – the Chic Way!

How to bring home beach style, the chic way

Don’t we all wish we could live seaside year round? If only there was a way to bottle up the warm weather, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and wonderfully salty smell to bring home with us from vacation. Instead, we thought we’d share how you can infuse your space with some seaside style, without turning your home into the shoes-optional souvenir shop!

A Watery Blue Color Palette

In the space above, we started with a watery blue color palette and layered in sandy neutrals, like an X-Bench upholstered in a raffia fabric and horizontal striped curtains. We love the way this color palette whispers “beachy” instead of yelling.


Bring seaside style into your home

2. Elegant Art with a Beachy Twist

The frame on these Sea Shell Art pieces is so sophisticated, you’ll have no problem working into any room of the house. The casual subject matter mixed with a more elevated frame make these art pieces easy to incorporate into rooms of all kinds.

Mix blue and white with sandy neutrals to create a beachy feel

3. Shibori-Style Bedding

Shibori is a Japanese method of tie-dying, and when rendered in a deep indigo, we love the way this print on our Milos Quilted Bedding feels tropical and beachy. It’s an easy way to bring that casual vibe to your bedroom, without sliding into a theme.

Use a piece of driftwood to give your space a little beachiness

4. A Found Piece of Driftwood

Speaking of getting to theme-y, where sea shells sometimes feel out of place in a home in say, a metropolitan suburb, driftwood usually feels more sculptural and less kitschy. We used a beautiful found piece of driftwood to evoke that beachy vibe, but in a very subtle way. A little piece can go a long way on a shelf or a mantel.

Give your room a beachy vibe without going overboard

5. Take Your Walls Maritime

Want to create that seaside vibe without going overboard? Shiplap or tongue and groove paneling on the walls has that wonderfully nostalgic vibe, and it certainly evokes a certain nautical feel. It’s just enough to give you that feeling, but not so overt you’ll wake up thinking you’re on vacation.

A watery blue abstract art piece feels beachy in a sophisticated way

6. Abstract Art in a Blue Color Palette

Abstract art is a beautiful way to bring a casual, seaside vibe into your home. The composition of this painting, with it’s watery blue and sandy brown color palette, looks like it could be waves crashing on the beach, but it’s very subtle and elegant. We paired it with a super chic demi-lune console table that folds out to a 42″ dining table.

A leafy green pattern and metal palm fronds feels beachy

7. Embrace Tropical Motifs

One or two elements in your room with a tropical flair can give your room that casual vibe we all love about the beach, but done in the right way, it doesn’t feel kitschy. We started with this leafy green print, our Nora fabric, on our Thurston Wingback chair and also used Bunny Williams’ Oversized Zinc Leaves.

Arya patterned fabric and totes with a rope detail

8. Sea-life Inspired Patterns

When we laid eyes on our Arya Navy fabric, we knew we had to make it a part of our summer collection. The hand drawn details, blue color palette, and unusual print reminded us of sea anemones. This print would make great throw pillows, an incredible accent chair (seen here on our Shiloh Spool chair), or a fabulous pair of X-Benches to nestle under your console table.

Red, white, and blue color palette feels nautical

9. Accent Your Blues with Cherry Red

There’s something about a red, white, and blue color palette that transports you to the New England — Cape Cod homes, hydrangeas in bloom, flags hung at attention. We painted this door Sherwin Williams’ Fireworks #6867, and we love the way it gives you that little hint of oceanfront attitude. Since the door is usually closed, you only get that punch of red for a minute!

Jute wrapped metal leaves have tons of texture and a tropical feel

10. All Aboard Jute, Rope, and Knots!

Anything with that nautical feel is perfect to bring into your home, especially if you don’t want to go for an allover theme. Ropes, knots, and jute bring out our inner mariner, but they blend so beautifully with other neutrals. They’re so casual too! These Jute Leaf Plaques have a fantastic texture and make a striking statement over a bed.

Any of these ideas can help you bring that summer style into your home, without feeling out of place once the leaves start to fall and winter is around the corner.

Browse all of our seaside inspired items, or find more inspiration on our Beach Decor Pinterest board.

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