10 Rooms from the Ballard Archives

1986 Fall catalog featuring one of our original dolphin pedestal tables with a glass top

Seeing as we’ve been mailing our catalog for more than 30 years, you can imagine the number of photographs we have of beautiful rooms featuring our products. We’ll admit that we couldn’t even go through them all when sitting down to right this post! But we thought it might be fun to look back and share some of our favorite shots over the years. Here goes nothing:

Fall 1986

The room above was from our Fall 1986 catalog and featured the iconic dolphin table that launched the Ballard Designs brand in 1982. We admittedly have a soft spot for this table, so a look back into the history books wouldn’t be complete without a little reminiscing about an old friend. We love the way it’s shown decorated for the holidays and with a gorgeous white lab! How cute!

Dining space from Summer 1989 Ballard Designs catalog

Summer 1989

It’s clear from this space from our Summer 1989 catalog that even then we loved that open, airy look, and we’re still digging the pretty celadon green wall color! We actually still offer a table just like this one, and in our minds, it’s a classic piece that stands the test of time — not to mention versatile!

Bedroom from our 1997 Spring Ballard Designs catalog

Spring 1997

Is it crazy that we still love this bed so much? Update the bedding, throw down a rug, and you’d never know this look was almost 20 years old! This is why we stand by classically inspired pieces — you’ll never tire of them.

Bedroom from our June 2001 Ballard Designs catalog

Summer 2001

Talk about another bedroom that still feels polished and put together. This buttery yellow is such a happy color, and we can easily see this room in a vacation home or guest bedroom. It features our Camden headboard covered in burlap and a tailored burlap bedskirt. These two pieces are still some of our favorite go-to items because of their versatility.

Cover of Spring 2002 catalog for Ballard Designs

Summer 2002

How gorgeous is this cover of our Summer 2002 catalog? If we got to spend the Fourth of July sitting at this pretty table, we’d be happy campers. In the summer time, we think it’s all about those classic, easy pieces. It doesn’t get much simpler than a white tablecloth, pot of geraniums as a centerpiece, and woven dining chairs.

Dining space from the Spring 2005 Ballard Designs catalog

Spring 2005

As we prepare to launch of Spring 2016 collection (it’ll be online next week!), it’s certainly fun to look back at where we were 11 years ago. This pretty space incorporates so many things that we still love, like a great chandelier hanging over a round table, comfortable woven chairs, and mirrors to reflect the beautiful morning light. Not bad for a decade ago, no?

2009 Spring room from Ballard Designs catalog

Spring 2009

We’d take this room in a heartbeat! It’s chic, eclectic, and filled with classic pieces that work anywhere in the home. Our Thurston chair looks so great in a blue stripe, our Sonoma bookshelves look as great as ever, and a black Louis chair with a check back? Perfection!

Fall 2009 room from Ballard Designs catalog

Fall 2009

This pretty entry hasn’t aged a bit now has it? It’s subtly nautical which we love and functions perfectly. A drop leaf table is so versatile, and well, must we even talk about a great slipcovered Parsons seat?

Suzanne Kasler room from March 2010 Ballard Designs catalog

Spring 2010

This is where we start to get a little teary. This room from our Spring 2010 catalog is where we introduced Suzanne Kasler for the first time. She decorated this space, plus 4 others, using our products 6 months before we launched her own product collection. Do we even need to brag about how chic and sophisticated it still is today? That Suzanne is a genius! Plus, it has pink walls, so you know we’re in love.

2010 August introducing Suzanne Kasler's product collection

Fall 2010

In Fall of 2010, we shared one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever worked on, Suzanne Kasler’s product collection and our first ever designer collection! Here, you saw the debut of her  antler collection and her white lamp slips which we all still adore.

It’s fun to see how far we’ve come, and also to see how many pieces from years ago still stand the test of time! Our philosophy has always been rooted in classically designed pieces that can go anywhere and grow with you, and looking back in our archives, we’ve stayed pretty true to that mantra. Don’t you think?

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