Decorating Dilemmas: Lauren’s New Family Room

Decorating a large family room with warm, fall colors

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Dear How to Decorate,

We’ve been in this house for just over two years, and it’s finally time for some new furniture for the family room! We were thinking a sectional on the wall across from the windows and then facing the TV above the mantel. Is it wrong to walk into the back of a couch when you walk in the room?

The paper you see hanging in the photos was my attempt to visualize the garden district mirrors there. This wall is just so massive that I’m overwhelmed with what to put above the sofa!

Can you help us?


Empty family room needing makeover

Empty family room needing makeover

Empty family room needing makeover

Empty family room needing makeover

Exciting new furniture and you have come to the right place. No, it is not wrong to walk into the back of the sofa as long as you create an interesting visual.

We placed the 3-pc Baldwin Sectional with a Natural Linen slipcover as you suggested across from the windows. However, we opted for the Feather Study Art above the sofa, in lieu of the Garden District Mirrors you had mapped out on the wall. We thought these prints would add color and be the beginning of our color story. The Sophie Side Table in cream on one end with a Leona Lamp for ambient lighting. The opposite end of the sectional next to the window we placed the Beale Floor Lamp, its silver finish repeats the frame color from the prints. We layered in the Autumn Throw to round out our palate. The Bornova Coffee Table is a great compliment to the Benedetta Console Table behind the sofa. This versatile piece with its dramatic S shaped legs will create the interest when you enter the room.

We love all the light this room gets and we don’t want to obstruct it, just soften the windows, which is why we selected the Linen Sheer Tie Top Panels in Ivory. We placed two of the Shiloh Chairs and one ottoman in the Elle Indigo fabric in front of the windows to round out your seating.

Lastly, the Cortona Bookcase in Tuscan Brown on the wall to the right of the case opening going into the kitchen will be a fabulous place to house books and family mementos and propping the High Minded Abstract Art brings the color story to this side of the room.

We hope these suggestions make the 2 year wait for new furniture worth it.

We would love to see photos of your new space.

Happy Decorating!

The Design Solutions Team

Decorating a large family room with warm, fall colors

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    November 21, 2015

    Beautiful selections. I especially like the way you suggested color art above the sectional instead of a mirror. Smart color movement throughout the room.