Decorating Dilemmas: Deidre’s Living Room

Decorating a difficult to furnish living room

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Dear How to Decorate,

We just bought the house two weeks ago, and I feel like have have spent two weeks moving the living room furniture around and around. I feel like my only option is to go buy new furniture and pray that helps!

I’ve tried floating the furniture off the walls. I’ve tried them against the walls, and I’ve tried the sectional turned every way I can think! I’ve even tried to separating the sectional. My husband dreams to have the TV above the fireplace. I’m just so confused that I can’t enjoy my new house! 

Please help,


front door
sectional and recliner
door to kitchen
recliner & french doors


Husbands don’t always know best, especially when it comes to the TV, but we know changing his mind in regards to the television will not work. That being said, unfortunately we believe the sectional is too large for the space, with so many case openings and doors.

We suggest the Baldwin Sofa with a washable Off White Twill Slipcover placed on the stair wall and adding two Larkin Swivel Chairs in Capri Spa Indoor/Outdoor fabric for additional seating. Place the two Larkin chairs facing the French doors and then use your end table and lamp between the two chairs.

Ground this seating arrangement with the Casa Florentina Everly Rug in an 8x 10. This rug will look fabulous with Courtney Spa Drapery panels hung over the French doors for added color and pattern. The Courtney Spa also comes in a pillows which will work beautifully on the sofa. The Larkin chairs come with two pillows so consider moving those to the sofa and ten add a couple more Courtney Spa pillows to the chairs.

Disbursing the Capri Spa and Courtney Spa fabrics throughout the room will make the room feel inviting and pulled together. The addition of the Alone at Last artwork above the sofa and the Tasseau Floor Lamp on one end of the sofa will finish off the room.

Happy Decorating!

The Design Team


Decorating a difficult to furnish living room

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