Decorating Dilemmas: Kerry’s Family Room

Putting the finishing touches on a family room

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Dear How to Decorate,

I’d like to tie together our family room. We have all of our big furniture pieces, but how do I bring it all together? What kind of wall art, chairs, and end table, would complement my space?

I’m also open to a new layout.

Thanks for your help,


Looking at front door
view facing into house
corner view


We love the feeling of your serene and open space … fabulous start! By adding a few new pieces, this room will feel like a completely different space. It will still be your space … just a finished.

Our Andrews Collection is a fabulous group and has several options would be great in your space. We recommend using the Andrews Serving Table behind your sofa that is opposite of the window. This will add some interest to the back of your sofa and you can accessorize to your taste. Also, we recommend using an Andrews Side Table next to the sofa closest to the window. Placing these two pieces opposite of each other will inject a balance of visual texture but not overpower the space. We chose the White Wash finish to keep the area looking as big as possible.

Next to the other sofa, we recommend using a Terrific Trio Table in either a 24” or 30” round. This will add another dimension to this space and create some softness in this area. Our Buffalo Check Spa fabric for the tablecloth gives the space a relaxed attitude. If you prefer a different pattern, we have many tablecloth options.

The Bornova Coffee table, in White Wash, would look great with everything we have selected for you. It adds another interesting layer to the space while keeping with the same color to keep balance in the room.

Between the two sofas, it appears you have space for 2 side chairs or benches. We suggest a small scaled frame like our Leyland Chair. Consider upholstering it in our Dayna Spa for a great mix of color. Tuck an Olivia Side table in between the two chairs. The warm finish of this table will give a balance to you other natural wood furniture.

Pillows are always an easy way to layer color and texture into a space. Remember to use a variety of patterns and colors for maximum impact. Our Piper Mineral, Zebra Woven, and Halyard Mineral are a few options to add to your sofa.

The wall to the left of the large window is a fabulous space for a console which you can top with a mirror or artwork. From our Casa Florentina Collection, consider our Lungarno Console in either Distressed Blue or Antique Walnut.

We chose to different styles of artwork for the walls. The Cote De La Mer Prints are abstract and continues the colors scheme throughout the room. The Garden Whimsy Art as a little playfulness to the room while introducing a few other colors. Both will look great in the space without taking away from the beautiful pieces you have going on.

Happy Decorating!

The Design Team


Putting the finishing touches on a family room

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