We’re Traveling to: Greece

Home decor inspired by the Greek Isles

When we think of summer, we think of summer vacation of course! And if you’re taking a vacation over the next few months, chances are you’re headed to some kind of beach. There’s something about the water that really inspires all of the senses, so we’re letting our wanderlust guide our inspiration for a new series! In our We’re Traveling Series, we’re letting some of the locations on our must-see list guide our home decor choices.

More than almost any other beach locale, when you think of Greece, the color blue most certainly comes to mind. It’s the color of their flag, and this Greek blue can be seen on rooftops, fishing boats, and nearly everywhere around Greece. It’s also the color of the gorgeous blue water on the coast!

Because this color is such an integral part of Greek scenery and life, we were inspired by how to use this hue in our home. Obviously a paint color in this shade would make sense (Athens Blue by Benjamin Moore is the obvious choice), but a garden seat would be another chic way to bring this color into your living room or onto your patio.

The other aspect of Greece that undoubtedly comes to mind is ancient Greek architecture, as well as all of the trademarks of that architecture. Columns, capitals, and fretwork patterns are just a few of the things that are repeated throughout the country and islands. We love incorporating these details into a space, whether it’s using our Greek Key Bedding, a Greek Key Candle Hurricane, or a pillow with a fretwork design.

Handmade from cotton and wool, our Mykonos rug has that charming island feel that we would love to work into nearly any room.

Finally, fishing boats parked at the dock are an image that can be seen from nearly any vantage point if you’re on the coasts of Greece, which is why we included our At the Docks art print. The colors and subject matter transport you across the Atlantic Ocean!

If only we could enjoy the beauty and charm of the Greek Islands every day!

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