We’re Traveling to: East Hampton

Home decor inspired by the Hamptons and New England

When we think of summer, we think of summer vacation of course! And if you’re taking a vacation over the next few months, chances are you’re headed to some kind of beach. There’s something about the water that really inspires all of the senses, so we’re letting our wanderlust guide our inspiration for a new series! In our We’re Traveling Series, we’re letting some of the locations on our must-see list guide our home decor choices.

When we think about East Hampton, we think of classic New England style — preppy stripes, perfectly coifed boxwoods, afternoons spent sailing, and classic pieces that never go out of style. A color palette of blue and white is a natural choice for bringing that iconic Hamptons look into your home. Beach chairs in navy and white stripes are a no brainer, but we also brought in stripes in the form of a classic Shiloh Spool chair. Spool furniture (also called bobbin furniture) saw its beginnings in New England in the 17th century and evokes a definite Americana vibe that transports us to a classic, New England cottage with a book and maybe a great cocktail on a warm summers day?

Sailing is an obvious pastime on the coast, so we couldn’t help but bring in a few accents that speak to our inner yachtsman, like a couple of maritime pillows and a compass rose wall plaque.

Nor for another little history lesson, Edward Henry Potthast was an American impressionist painter, known in part for his paintings of people on the coast of New England, which is why we included a print of his painting Children Playing at the Seashore. In another time, this is quite literally what it would have looked like on a day at the beach in East Hampton.

When jaunting around the Hamptons, you expect to see timeless architecture and details, and when we imagine what would be inside homes with those traditional architectural details, we think of elegant upholstered furniture in light neutrals, collections of blue-and-white porcelain, lanterns, and stripes. Essentially a home that feels collected over time — cozy but timeless.

Now, who’s ready to plan their next vacation?

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