2 Small Space, Back-to-School Entryways

This small space entryway post was updated in August 2022.

Back to school entryway organization

When a new school year starts, the air is ripe with possibilities. It’s also ripe with papers, backpacks, school supplies, permission slips, lunch boxes, tennis shoes, and sports equipment. And it seems like no matter how many times you say, “Hang up your coat” or “Put away your backpack,” your small space entryway or mudroom will indefinitely become a drop zone for whatever comes in the door. Which is why it’s so important to put some thought into this space, so when school starts, you’re ready to tackle the busy days without having to worry about your home will take a beating.

Find these 2 small space entryway ideas to stay organized throughout the school year.

6 Feet of Wall Space

Built-in cubbies are a great way to trick your space out with drawers and hooks and cabinets, but what if you only have one small wall? If you have just one sliver of wall to dedicate to a family drop spot, this is our favorite way to keep everything organized, while still looking pretty.


We started with our Alcott Entry Cabinets which has three drawers, three cabinets, and three cubbies for shoes, leashes, toys, arts and crafts, or sports equipment. The center storage cabinets feature three double hooks to conceal jackets and backpacks. This is a great place to keep anything that maybe you don’t need every day, but you want to keep handy. We love this concealed storage because there’s a place for everything.

Entryway organization with message board and shelves

3 Feet of Wall Space

But maybe even 6 feet of wall space seems like a a lot for your small home? Above, we have a little back door drop spot that can fit into almost any room. Using a shelf, desktop organizer, bulletin boards, a large basket, and a little ottoman, we can fit a mini-mudroom into even the smallest of homes!

Desktop organizer for all those little things that come in the door

First we hung a 3ft. long shelf to give us a surface space. Then, we used one of our large Desktop Organizers to lend some much needed storage space. This organizer can help you sort mail with it’s paper slots, store all of your pens and paper, not to mention keep things like cords, first aid kits, or household tools handy.

Burlap message board divided into sections using washi tape

Above our desktop organizer, we hung another Burlap Message Board in our medium size. We divided the message board with washi tape so each person in the family could have their own space. Using colorful tape to divide up the board is a simple 2-minute project that can keep your bulletin board from looking cluttered!

Underneath our shelf, we added a large basket to catch things like shoes, toys, and sports equipment, and a small cube ottoman that is easy to pull out for tying shoes on your way out the door.

TIP: If you would rather fit some hooks into this space, simply screw some hooks into the underside of the shelf as a place to hang rain jackets, book bags, and sweaters!

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    Stephanie Harden

    October 3, 2015

    I would like to purchase a seat cushion for my entry way cabinet and have not been able to find one in the dimensions that I need, which are, 58″ long X 15″ wide,. Can you help me ? Please please please.

    Thank you so much
    Stephanie Harden

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      Caroline @ How to Decorate

      November 5, 2015

      Hi Stephanie,
      Unfortunately we aren’t able to make cushions in custom sizes at this moment. We would suggest finding a local seamstress who can sew something for you!
      Best of luck.