Easy Garden Ideas from Designer Bunny Williams

This post was updated in January 2022.

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your garden this year, designer Bunny Williams has you covered. If you don’t know Bunny, she’s designer with a modern vision, a sense of history, and the confidence to take the unexpected path. Both a trailblazer and a tastemaker, Williams’ style is classic, but never predictable. A seasoned gardening expert, Bunny has combined her love for garden style and furniture design to bring you easy garden ideas that will bring your outdoor space to life!

Easy Garden Ideas: Seating

Every garden needs a special spot where you can stop and smell the roses. “Place an outdoor bench wherever you’d like to spend more time outside,” suggests celebrated designer and gardening expert, Bunny Williams. “It’ll serve as a focal point and a destination in your garden or yard, the perfect spot to relax.”

Easy garden ideas from designer Bunny WilliamsEasy Garden Ideas: Create a Gathering Spot

“Having height in a garden is important, and this handsome gazebo gives you a strong vertical element,” explains our design partner and gardening expert, Bunny Williams. “It’s almost like creating another a little room, one where you could have lunch or dinner. Climbing vines would be a charming addition.”

Easy Garden Ideas: Mix in a Variety of Planters

Bunny loves to blend her outdoor entertaining areas with the surrounding landscape, so it feels cohesive and part of nature. “A planter on stand brings flowers closer to the eye of passersby,” notes designer and gardening expert, Bunny Williams. She recommends placing planters alongside a frequently traveled path, or behind an outdoor sofa to introduce height to a seating arrangement on your patio or terrace.

Easy Garden Ideas: Add in Garden Style

You can’t forget to dress you garden with all the accessories. From planters, to lanterns, bird feeders and more. There are so many ways to add those extra special touches for a designer worthy garden. Bunny loves to place outdoor lanterns along pathways in the garden to help guests find their way. “They’re also perfect around a pool or outdoor dining table – the candlelight conveys a festive atmosphere.”

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    Nita Davidson

    May 29, 2015

    Love Your Taste….Have seen you in Houston, TX on the Wealth Network, now known as AWE…I think…..

    I have marked your site and How to Decorate and look so forward to reading and re-reading over and over until….
    I catch on to more and more of your techniques! I am quite certain I also viewed a segment on TV when you showed your home out East…so beautiful and the gardens are to die for!

    Thanks for your generosity of sharing your beauty and impeccable taste with others!