Traditional Home Editor’s Wishlist: Dreamy Bedroom

Why this Traditional Home editor has always wanted a stylish bedroom

You may have seen the faces of the Traditional Homes editors smiling at you from the pages of our January catalog. They shared the items they’ve been dreaming of adding to their home, so we sat down with them to talk about their choices.

Joe Wysong, Traditional Home’s Senior Art Director, craves a master bedroom that can be a retreat at the end of a long day. We asked him about what pieces he needs to create that dreamy space!

Ballard Designs: Describe this ‘beautiful dreamland retreat’ for us!

Joe Wysong: My dreamland bedroom would have a soft relaxing color palette and a big deep wonderful bed full of pillows that I could melt into and lay their reading my book till I fall asleep.

BD: Sounds heavenly! Now where do you start pulling it together?

JW: I would first figure out the color palette and start with fabric choices for draperies and bedcovers. Then look for furniture pieces that fit into my dreamland scheme. A glorious bed and big enough side tables to hold meaningful things, and some kind of sitting area near by it that includes a bookshelf.

BD: Is there one item in particular that makes a bedroom a retreat for you?

JW: A wonderful, cozy, perfect bed full of luscious pillows and covers to crawl into and snuggle under.

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