In Honor of Boxing Day: Our 10 Favorite British-Inspired Items

British-inspired products to celebrate boxing day

Here in the United States, the day after Christmas is just like any other day, only with lots of leftovers and no more surprises under the tree. But for the United Kingdom and other countries with English roots, Boxing Day is celebrated. While the exact origins of the name are uncertain, Boxing Day has long been associated with giving money and other gifts to those in need and in service positions. Historically, churches opened the Alms Box, or collection box, to distribute to the poor on this day. It was also custom for tradespeople and servants to collect “Christmas boxes” of money or presents as thanks for their good service throughout the year.

While charity is still a part of Boxing Day celebrations, for most modern-day Brits, the national holiday mostly revolves around sports, casual meals with friends and shopping. Just as Americans are glued to their TVs watching football on Thanksgiving, the English watch soccer and horse races. And annual Boxing Day fox hunts are held all over the English countryside, for which hundreds of thousands of people turn out (unless, that is, they’re shopping.) England and Canada’s Boxing Day has also evolved into the equivalent of post-Thanksgiving Black Friday.

So while we may not celebrate Boxing Day, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite British-leaning must-haves in honor of the holiday and our friends across the pond.

1. Suzanne Kasler Plaid Throw — While you probably won’t be taking in a fox hunt, this classic plaid blanket is the perfect way to stay warm and toasty simply curled up on the sofa.

2. Eton Club Chair — You may as well be comfortable while you’re watching the telly. This club chair has the curves of a classic English rolled arm.

3. Bunny Williams Set of 4 Campbell House Mugs & Saucers — Is it tea time yet?

4. Sheffield Clock — A beautiful way to tell the time.

5. Highgate Rubber Boot Tray — Big enough to host your friends’ and family’s boots on the soggiest of days.

6. Butlers Tray Table — A great way to serve impromptu drinks when friends stop over.

7. Ansley Planked Ottoman Tray — You’ll want to offer up a few appetizers as well.

8. Button Leaf Topiary — Honor the ancient art of topiary — and bring a touch of color inside with our forever green ivy.

9. Suzanne Kasler Carriage Lantern — We love to set these antique-inspired mini-lanterns on tables and mantels to create instant atmosphere.

10. English Springer Spaniel Print — It just so happens that one of our favorite retrievers is English.

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