8 Fall Decorating Tips

Use two pendant lights in the bedroom instead of table lamps

It seems as though with the start of a new season, we’re always eager to change things up with our d├ęcor. Whether it’s simply updating with new throw pillows, tackling that neglected area of your home, or totally redecorating, we feel your pain … and excitement! We rounded up some of our favorite tips from our Fall catalog to hopefully offer you some fresh ideas for this fresh new season!

1. Pair of Pendants

In the bedroom above, we used a more petite nightstand which is fantastic if you have a small bedroom, but not if you need a pair of reading lamps to devour your recent Kindle download. Save valuable nightstand surface space by nixing the table lamps and opting for two hanging pendants instead.  We chose our Small Eldridge Pendant in Antique Bronze for an edgier look.

Use two console table instead of one on a long wall

2. Double It Up

In a large great room, you’ll be hard pressed to find a console table that stretches along a giant wall like the one we had in the room above. Never fear! We doubled up our Belgard Cabinet which did two things for this space. First, it created a dramatic (and pretty chic!) focal point on an otherwise bare wall. Secondly, it added TONS of storage, and that’s never a bad thing.

Use cubbies in a mudroom to organize kids stuff

3. Create a Landing Spot

It’s crazy sometimes how much stuff can accumulate over the course of the day! Create a landing spot for all of your child’s clothes, toys, backpacks, and homework with cubbies. The great thing about a system like this? It’s both a landing spot in the afternoons, but a launch pad in the mornings. No more hunting for a lost backpack or shoe!

Hang a lantern for an unexpected accent

4. Accessorize with Lanterns

Our new Swedish Cloche lanterns are the perfect Fall accent. We like them every which way — placed on a console with a pillar candle or hanging from a bit of jute rope! This Fall, we’re thinking of hanging a few over a breakfast table to give off the look of a pendant light where we don’t have one wired.

Use baskets to keep stuff organized

5. Baskets, baskets, and more baskets

News flash! Baskets are great for organizing and hiding stuff. Just kidding, we know you’ve heard that one before. But seriously, this is one of those items that has been on your shopping list for a while. The time has come to cross it off!

Repurpose furniture to serve new purpose in your home

6. Let pieces serve new functions

Fall has arrived, but you may also have a new season of life in your future. Rethink old pieces you may have to serve whatever new functions you need out of your home. Perhaps a job change is on the horizon and you’ll be needing file and office storage? Rethink a china hutch (like our Paulette Server) to serve as a bookcase!

Whatever new functions you may need your home to serve, look around your home for pieces you may already have that could do the job.

A headboard with or without tufting

7. Bring in some tufting

We love the idea of bringing in a new tufted piece into your home for Fall. Tufting has such a richness and so much texture, which is really what Fall is all about. In this cozy bedroom, the headboard has such a presence because of the tufting!

Display your china in a cabinet

8. China Storage Against a White Background

We love the idea of painting the inside of built-ins or hutches in a different color, but oftentimes, the background color is dark. We’ve switched it up in our Seneca Cabinet, and we think the light background in a rich wooden furniture piece accentuates the china pieces so much better! Consider trying the same effect in your own home!

For more decorating ideas, visit our Pinterest boards, or browse all the gorgeous rooms from our catalog in our Photo Gallery.

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