4 Tips for Creating a Classic, Lush Container Garden

Tips for container gardening

Container gardening is akin to flower arranging in that you’re blending lots of different plants together to create a beautiful focal point, only in a container garden, the arrangement is permanent! Today, we’re bringing you tips from gardening expert, Nonie Daniel. She arranged the following containers for us and shares a few of her favorite tips!

Think in Sizes and Shapes

Compose your container as you would a flower arrangement. Include at least 3 elements that are different in color, texture, size, such as a tall plant (Curcuma) with a wide leafy plant (Heucherella), with a feathery spilling plant (Maidenhair fern).

Tips for container gardening

Monochromatic Plants & Markings

Monochromatic is good, especially if you want the feeling of calm. A monochromatic combination works best if there is a pop of color, if the plants have interesting leaf markings (Hosta or Persian Shield work well) and if there are contrasting textures.

Tips for container gardening

Bring in Herbs

Include some potted herbs with your flowers and plants. As you brush up against the mint, rosemary or sage in your container, you’ll release a delicious calming fragrance.

Tips for container gardening

An element of Surprise

Use plants and flowers that are appropriate to the environmental conditions, but don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit. Unexpected combinations are the most interesting.

Thank you, Nonie, for these helpful basics! Find more outdoor inspiration by visiting our Pinterest Boards, or browse our planters at Ballarddesigns.com.


Nonie Daniel

Nonie Daniel of Nonie’s Garden Floral Design combines a lifelong passion for gardening with a background in fine arts to create original, seasonal and natural botanical designs. Her signature style integrates pods, branches, vegetables, fruits, flowers and succulents into her floral and container designs, many of which are gathered from her own gardens. Raised on a farm in Northern Virginia, she received an MFA in illustration and graphic design, and worked for many years as a graphic designer in Atlanta before shifting to floral and botanical design 6 years ago. She lives in the Virginia Highland neighborhood of Atlanta where she has a floral studio that produces flow- ers and botanicals for local events and weddings as well as unique wreaths and seasonal decor.