Soft but Modern Bedroom from Bill Peace

Bill Peace and Ballard Designs bedroom

When we asked award-winning interior designer, William Peace, ASID, of Peace Design, to create two unique rooms using our product, we knew we’d love the results. Using a raw industrial space, Bill shows us just how easy it is to create livable luxury in any environment.

Balance Scale and Height
If everything is the same size, nothing stands out. To break up the boredom in this loft-like bedroom space, Bill varied the scale and height of the furniture in the room. “Varying the height of the pieces adds interest — and creates a more collected feel,” he says. The upholstered bench adds a sense of scale at the foot of the bed. In turn, the height of the headboard is balanced out nicely by the shapely, high-back wing chair. The low seating and stools vary in height with the secretary and side table. The result creates harmony — a welcome feel in the bedroom.

Choose Timeless Pieces
When you invest in design classics and quality materials, you can more effortlessly mix and match to create a collected look, says Bill. “It’s all Ballard product, but it doesn’t feel like you shopped from the same catalog.” And it’s precisely because these pieces are timeless that this look easily translates to any space, adds Bill. “We could have done the exact same thing in a traditional home.” Additionally, choosing neutral finishes, fabrics and even artwork ensures the space will stand the test of time.

Master the Mix
Mixing materials and textures will give your room depth, the designer advises. From the floor up, smooth contrasts with rough and polished is balanced with nubby. “It’s the combination of the textures in this room that make it work — from the heavily textured rug to the velvets to the super soft Casa Florentina bed linens,” he says. The result is a casual elegance that appeals to the senses, both visual and tactile. “The combination of these luxurious materials and the hard architectural elements is what adds to the richness and comfort to the room.”

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