Shirl’s Red Dining Room Dilemma

Decorating ideas for Shirl's dining room

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Dear How to Decorate,

I need help decorating my big red dining room wall. The server in the picture is 51 inches long, and there is 62 inches of wall space on both sides of it. My table is mahogany, which is why I have the lighter colored server (which I just bought).

I’ve added 2 pictures on the side of the server and merchandised the server with a few candle holders and 2 vases, but it still looks empty and unfinished. The photo with the mirror on the wall is the other side.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Thank you,




Dear Shirl,

Thank you for your dilemma. We have given it some thought and have some suggestions for you. We feel the horse print is too large for the space, so we want you to switch the mirror and the horse print.

With the horse print on the right wall, we think our Ananda Console would look great centered under the horse picture. Place our LaSalle Buffet Lamps on either side of the Ananda Console to finish the look.

On the opposite side of the room above the console, we chose our 4 Vintage Wine Label Prints and our Valetta Candle Sconces (one on each side of the prints). We really feel that should finish off your room.

We hope that you like our suggestions!


The How to Decorate Team

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