Kristin’s Plain Jane Bedroom Dilemma

Decorating ideas for Kristin's bedroom

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Dear How to Decorate,

Hello! I’ve got a bedroom that is horribly boring. I recently moved, and I’ve repainted it from the brown it used to be to a light blue. I was going for a sort of rain washed sky look but I’m not sure I’ve achieved that.

I’ve also pulled out the carpet and replaced it with hardwoods to match the rest of the house. I’ve bought a 4 poster bed and side tables with a dresser (my first!) but other than that, I have no idea how to give it a cohesive look. I’m concerned the walls are too light for the furniture and floor wood.

I know I need an area rug, and I’d love to have a small seating/reading area. The walls are currently a bust. I’m trying to go for a sort of OuterBanks stormy romantic feel but am falling far short.

I’d love your help! Thanks in advance,



Dear Kristin,

Thank you for your dilemma. We love the color of your walls and think you just need some finishing touches to make the room come together! We do have some suggestions to help you finish your look. When finished, it will be cohesive and restful.

Let’s start with the rug – we chose our Valentino Rug. We think it is a winner. As far as the bedding, we chose our Lexington Applique Duvet & Shams.

Try placing our Cafe Shelving above each of the windows. You can place plants , dishes and pictures on the top. At the bottom of the bed, our Antoinette Bench would be a great choice.

On each of the night stands, we chose our Colette Glass Table Lamps. Above the headboard, hang two of our Buchoz Botanical Antique Prints for a finished touch.

We do hope that our suggestions help you complete your look.

Happy Decorating,

The How to Decorate Team


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