Decorating an empty space in our stairwell

Decorating ideas for an empty stairwell

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Dear Ballard Designs,

We have an empty space in our stairwell. I envision a console and a little lamp or decorative items and baskets. I have the Durham collection in my office but the Durham console is too wide for this 45-1/2″ space. My husband likes the Lungaro console, I like the Penelope console.

We have two boys (11 yrs and 7-1/2 yrs) who, on occasion, drop things from upstairs. I just want something practical that adds a little character and whimsy to this boring, unused space.

Thank you for your consideration.


Dear Karen,

Thank you for your dilemma. We think either console would work in that niche. The Lungarno Console has a bit more storage space, but the Penelope Console would look lovely too.

We love the idea of hanging our Set of 4 Jellyfish Giclees above the console, and our Luciana Table Lamp will help to warm up your stairwell.

We hope that these suggestions complete your look!

Happy Decorating,

The Ballard Designs Team

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