How To Coordinate All Of My Rooms

Jessica C Collage

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Dear Style Studio,

We moved into our new construction home and all the items that fit so well in our town home just don’t feel right in this larger space.

We don’t have the budget to replace everything and I’m struggling with how to coordinate all the rooms (kitchen/eat-in space, sunroom, and living room).

The bland/blank canvas is overwhelming. I don’t know where to start in terms of adding some color and coordinating all the rooms – do I pick paint color, window coverings or accent pieces first?

I feel my biggest hurdle is the couch color in our living room. It is a sage color. I now feel like we should have chosen a more neutral color couch and added color around it, but this piece is one of those items we cannot replace at the moment.

We will also be keeping the side tables, coffee table, and armoire in the living room.

We plan on replacing our kitchen table with a lower, lighter one. The couch in our sunroom will also be replaced to open up the space more.

The Catherine Living Room design on your website appeals to me most but again, our living room couch is my downfall. I don’t think the pillows and throws will go with its sage color. How can I get around this?

Any advice on how I can add some color and pop in my open floor plan would be much appreciated.


Kitchen to Living Room

Living Room

Living Room to Kitchen


When you are uncertain as to where to begin in a room, look for something that inspires you. Finding a rug, exquisite fabric or a piece of art that makes your heart sing can point you in a direct that you may have never discovered.

Most decorating involves challenging items that have to be formulated into the space. In your case, we don’t think your sofa is too difficult. Because the shade of the sofa is lighter, consider treating it much like a neutral.

We started with a fabric … fabric on pillows. Below is Fiona Brown and Felicity Spa. Two different fabric options that appear to embody the current colors of your space but still leave room to be edited at a later time.

We recommend adding in a couple of coordinating Ludlow Pillows, along with your choice of a patterned pillow for additional color and texture.

Now, the wall paint color can be pulled out of the pattern in the pillows.

Another recommendation for adding color … consider switching your kitchen out with a painted version and then add upholstered chairs in a great fabric. Our Orb Chandelier is a charming option for lighting above the new kitchen table!

We also recommend hanging the Burlap Crewel Trellis Panels on your windows. Even though the panels are neutral, their stitched pattern brings another layer of visual texture into your room.

A little inspiration and a little editing will help you reach your desired results.

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

Jessica C Collage

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