Decorating An Unusual Family Room Wall

Dear Style Studio,

Our family room is a very unique space that has been a challenge to decorate.

Most of the room consists of windows, which stretch from the floor to the ceiling.

The focal point of the room has eight built-in boxes that surround the gas fireplace.

We have placed our television in the middle, but the other spots are hard to fill since they are very large.



Laura T 1

Laura T 2


It is important to keep the styling of these spaces fairly simple. Consider painting them a medium to light neutral color. The white tends to accentuate the size of the space.

Now, place a small variety of larger items in each square. As you can see from our example below, we have used three items and repeated them so that the space doesn’t get overly complicated and fussy.

We used a combination of our Sea Foam Giclees, Prints, Relief Plaques and our Oyster Shell Box. Remember … the philosophy here is simplicity.

Laura T Collage

Once this large wall is complete, it may leave the rest of the space lacking.

We recommend adding in the Highclere Rug to anchor the sectional and then bring in a couple of our Mirabelle Mirrored Tables as a coffee table. These fabulous tables will give the space a finished style.

Laura T Collage 2

Hanging Firenze Emboidered Panels, in gray, on your windows is the perfect way to deliver a polished look to the wall of windows!

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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