Drapes For Different Sized Windows?

Dear Style Studio Team,

I have three different windows in my living room and I have no idea how or where to hang the drapes, or if I should use a different type of covering like a Roman shade.

As you can see, one window is set back in a little nook, the second window is flush with the wall, and the third (large) window is a bay window set back into the wall. Do I hang the drapes inside the nooks or on the over hang?

We just moved in and have no idea how the previous owner had it decorated. All I can see are holes close to the ceiling where I can only suspect were where the rods were. So all the hangings were on the outside of the nooks.

What do you suggest? I love the light from the bare windows so I’d like to go with sheers or something simple.


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Lauren T 2

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Because of the three different window styles, using the same window treatment on three windows will be your best solution.

We suggest drapery panels hung on rods that are mounted just under the crown molding on all three windows.

As a guide for the rod width, hang the panels just to the outside edges of the windows so that you can benefit from all the natural light flooding through the windows.

We think our Burlap Crewel Trellis Panels would be perfect for your room. These panels are neutral in color but with a graphic pattern they will create a stunning look.

Burlap Crewel Trellis Panel Lifestyle

Happy Decorating!

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    Jennifer Mallory

    February 15, 2020

    How do I submit my d├ęcor challenge to this group?

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      Abbey Nolte

      February 17, 2020

      Hi Jennifer,
      You can submit images of your room and your question here.