How to Create a Tiered Floral Arrangement

Featuring our Tiered Wire Basket


We’ve lost count of the many delightful ways we’ve used our Southern Living Tiered Wire Basket, from storage to serving and even display. Our latest creative effort, a cut-flower centerpiece, is absolutely stunning and makes a perfect accent for any occasion. Use our instructions below to create your own display full of pretty color, dramatic height and instant presence.

What You Need:

Trash bags (we used white kitchen trash bags)
Oasis floral foam (8-10 bricks)
Sheet moss (3 bags or half a box)
Blue hydrangeas
Blue veronica
Blue delphinium
Blue corn flower


Step 1: Soak the floral foam bricks. For longer lasting flowers, soak for several hours. (You can also add water to the floral foam after making your arrangement.)

Step 2: Line the baskets with sheet moss, making sure to cover the bottom and sides of each basket.

Step 3: Create a waterproof liner between the moss and wet foam by cutting strips of trash bags and layering them over the sheet moss inside the bottom of each basket.

Step 4: Cut soaked floral foam bricks with a kitchen knife or floral wire to fit each basket. You might have a few holes or gaps, but that’s okay. (You’ll need 2 bricks for the top tier, 2-3 bricks for the middle tier and 4-5 bricks for the bottom tier.)

Step 5: Start with your hydrangeas or largest “face” flower, cutting stems to size and arranging them in the floral foam around each basket. Tip: Always remember to use odd numbers with flower arrangements, and cut flowers at different lengths to vary the height.

Step 6: Follow the pattern of the hydrangeas with your next flower and each flower after that until you’ve used all of the flowers. Place flowers in front, behind, under or beside the hydrangea. Tip: You can “clump” the flowers for a more high-impact look by bunching several stems together. We listed how many bunches we created with each flower per tier below.

Step 8: Add freshly cut rosemary and thyme or any other herbs you might have in your garden to fill in any holes throughout the arrangement.

Top tier florals:
3 hydrangeas
1 bunch scabiosa
1 bunch blue veronica
1 bunch blue delphinium
2 bunches blue corn flower
1 pot rosemary
1pot thyme

Middle tier florals:
5 hydrangeas
2-3 bunches scabiosa
2 bunches blue veronica
2 bunches blue delphinium
3 bunches blue cornflower
2 pots rosemary
2 pots thyme

Bottom tier florals:
7 hydrangeas
3-5 bunches scabiosa
3-4 bunches blue veronica
4-5 bunches blue delphinium
5 bunches blue cornflower
3-4 pots rosemary
3-5 pots thyme



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