What To Do In This Extra “Room”

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Dear How to Decorate,

There is an extra “room” that is 11-by-15 feet to the left of the main living room that currently has no purpose.

It’s a nice large space but I just have no idea what kind of furniture to put in there and how to arrange it.

The previous owners had put a pool table in there (as seen in the pictures). However, that does not really fit into our family’s needs with two toddlers and a bazillion toys. They took the pool table with them anyways.

I want to somehow separate this area from the remainder of the living room and make it a play area but it needs to be a grown-up looking play area as it is completely visible from the kitchen and part of the living room.

Any suggestions on what to do with this room?


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Hi Aneta,

With two little ones running around the house, your extra “room” is a great space to decorate with their toy storage in mind.

Our Abbeville Collection is a fabulous solution for lots of storage needs. Maximize the long wall by stacking a group of the Abbeville pieces … drawers and shelves … combining whatever components meet your needs.

On top of the storage area, add our Winter Gold II Giclee to bring in a bit of color. Using this artwork as an inspiration, we recommend adding the Lugano Rug centered in the space. This rug will define the space and provide an anchor on which to add furniture.

Aneta S Collage

We suggest adding two Marissa Chairs upholstered in Desert Chenille to tie this space back into your living area and then tuck our Addison Tray Table between the two chairs.

Transfer your children’s train table to this new area and then add a couple of our Leather Pouf Ottomans for a foot rest or additional seating.

One more idea … without the train table in the living area, you will need a coffee table. Consider bringing in a Graham Storage Ottoman as another outstanding option for storage! Top it with a simple tray to hold drinks when the need arises.

Your new space is a fabulous addition with it’s dual functionality! We look forward to seeing the results.

Happy Decorating!

The How to Decorate Team

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