Need Finishing Touches For My Living Room

Dear Style Studio,

I have been working on our dining/living room combo for a year now. I am really happy with it but I feel like it’s missing something. Pictures or wall art? A centerpiece for the dining room table?

I am having trouble with accessories and feel like the room needs a little extra to take it to the next level. I am also thinking that I might need a bigger more dramatic rug under the sofa and was thinking about replacing it with the larger Brown Chevron rug.

Any suggestions/tips to make this room just right? I would appreciate any help!! I am stumped!!

Thank you!!!


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You have done a beautiful job. All your hard work shows!

We agree that a larger rug would help the space feel more unified. We think the Chevron Rug in brown is a good option.

On the wall with the Sunburst mirror, consider replacing the lone art piece, on the left, by flanking the mirror with our Jellyfish Giclee pieces. They infuse just a hint of color but still remain within your neutral decorating style.

Marsha T Collage

We recommend placing a Large Wood Column and a Small Wooden Column, both in natural, to the left of your horse print in the dining room.

Doing this will create a visual break on the long wall helping to delineate the dining space.

Also, add our Giant Clam Shell to the dining table. You can fill this fabulous conversational piece with different items of inspiration … depending on the season.

One last tip … consider placing¬†two Serena Benches at the end of the conversational area closest to you in the photograph. Doing this will bring balance to your living room by repeating the dark stained wood from your dining area.

Adding in the final details of a space is what  completes your room and we look forward to seeing your results!

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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    July 16, 2013

    Thank you Style Studio! I love the tips and look forward to the finished look! I love all the ideas and had been thinking about the jelly fish prints for some time now but needed confirmation that I was on the right path. I would have never thought about the columns or clamshell! Can’t to put it all together!