Mad About Mango Wood


Mango trees are well known for their deliciously sweet fruit, but we’ve discovered there’s so much more to love about these hardwoods. You may have noticed that a lot of our new items, from furniture to accessories, are crafted from mango wood – and for good reason. Mango is an extremely beautiful wood with a naturally rustic look and feel that matches our style aesthetic perfectly. Moreover, it’s a sustainable choice, and here’s why:

A Sustainable Choice 

Fast-growing mango trees reach their full growth potential at 80- to 100-foot heights in as little as 20 years. At that point, the trees stop producing fruit or simply become too difficult to harvest. So, with a limited lifespan for yielding the best fruit, the trees are cut down and replaced every seven to 15 years.

In the past, the cut-down trees were often discarded as waste. But with the value and beauty of mango wood more widely recognized, the barren trees are now being turned into timber.

The benefits of using mango wood timber are plentiful: Carbon emissions that come from rotting wood are greatly reduced; mango farmers are provided an additional revenue stream; and because only old, fruitless trees are used, overall deforestation is reduced. As a result, mango wood is an incredibly eco-friendly choice.

A Fresh Look

We also happen to love the look of mango, with its wide variations in natural color and grain. No two pieces crafted from mango are exactly alike, which means you get a truly unique look. It’s also easy to cut and shape, lending itself to carving and turning.


Shapely accessories, like our Carved Wood Candle Holders or Mango Wood Bowl, reveal the organic texture and variation of the wood beautifully.


BD00071307Mango wood is also strong and durable enough to be used for larger furniture, such as our Adeline Bed or Bornova Coffee Table, resulting in exquisite pieces that shine with the kind of raw detail we love.


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